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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 100, no. 5-6   May-June 2015

Linear partitioning in binary solutions: A review with a novel partitioning array
S.A. Morse
Item #AM-15-55056
Calculation Table zipped

Thermal expansion of F-Cl apatite crystalline solutions
Guy Hovis, Tony Abraham, William Hudacek, Sarah Wildermuth, Brian Scott, Caitlin Altomare, Aaron Medford, Maricate Conlon, Matthew Morris, Amanda Leaman, Christine Almer, Gary Tomaino and Daniel Harlov
Item #AM-15-55176
Table 1 zipped

Pieczkaite, ideally Mn5(PO4)3Cl, a new apatite-supergroup mineral from Cross Lake, Manitoba, Canada: Description and crystal structure
Kimberly Tait, Neil A. Ball and Frank C. Hawthorne
Item #AM-15-55117
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First-principles prediction of pressure-enhanced defect segregation and migration at MgO grain boundaries
Bijaya B. Karki, Dipta B. Ghosh and Ashok K. Verma
Item #AM-15-55143
Supplemental figures zipped

Calculation of the energetics of water incorporation in majorite garnet
Jeffrey S. Pigott, Kate Wright, Julian D. Gale and Wendy R. Panero
Item #AM-15-55063
Supplemental tables and figures zipped

Fayalite oxidation processes in Obsidian Cliffs rhyolite flow, Oregon
Audrey M. Martin, Etienne M├ędard, Bertrand Devouard, Lindsay P. Keller, Kevin Righter, Jean-Luc Devidal and Zia Rahman
Item #AM-15-55042
Supplemental Material zipped

A route for the direct crystallization of dolomite
Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco, Samuel Shaw and Liane G. Benning
Item #AM-15-54963
Supplemental Material. zipped

Temperature dependence of crystal structure of CaGeO3 high-pressure perovskite phase and experimental determination of its Debye temperatures studied by low- and high-temperature single-crystal X-ray diffraction
Akihiko Nakatsuka, Shoichi Kuribayashi, Noriaki Nakayama, Hiroshi Fukui, Hiroshi Arima, Akira Yoneda and Akira Yoshiasa
Item #AM-15-54945
CIF zipped

Insights into the structure of mixed CO2/CH4 in gas hydrates
S. Michelle Everett, Claudia J. Rawn, Bryan C. Chakoumakos, David J. Keffer, Ashfia Huq and Tommy J. Phelps
Item #AM-15-54929
CIF zipped

Hydrous species in feldspars: A reassessment based on FTIR and SIMS
Jed L. Mosenfelder, George R. Rossman and Elizabeth A. Johnson
Item #AM-15-55034
Five Appendices zipped

An insight into the inverse transformation of realgar altered by light
Giovanni Pratesi and Matteo Zoppi
Item #AM-15-55045
CIF zipped

Experimental confirmation of high-temperature silicate liquid immiscibility in multicomponent ferrobasaltic systems
Tong Hou and Ilya V. Veksler
Item #AM-15-55285
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