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Hongwu Xu
Los Alamos National Laboratory
New Mexico
Don Baker
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Ross John Angel, Lars Ehm, and Matteo Ardit, Technical Editors, Crystal Structures
Dmitriy Belakovskiy, New Mineral Names Editor
Elizabeth A. Johnson, Book Reviews Editor
  Rachel A. Russell, Managing Editor
Christine Elrod, Assistant Editor
Kristi Bailey, Editorial Assistant
Jane Watson, Production Assistant
2020 Board of Associate Editors Subject Areas by AE's
Antonio Acosta-Vigil, Granada, Spain email
Renat Almeev, Hannover, Germany email website
Kyle T. Ashley, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania email
Sasa Bajt, Hamburg, Germany email
Maxim Ballmer, Honolulu, Hawaii email website
Calvin Barnes, Lubbock, Texas email
John M. Bartley, Salt Lake City, Utah email
Lukas Baumgartner, Lausanne, Switzerland email
Janice Bishop, Mountain View, California email website
Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans, Trondheim, Norway email
Sarah Jo Brownlee, Detroit, Michigan email
Anita Cadoux, Orsay, France email
Claudia Cannatelli, Santiago, Chile email
Bin Chen, Honolulu, Hawaii email
Bradley T. De Gregorio, Washington, DC email
Sylvie Demouchy, Montpellier, France email
David Dolejs, Freiburg, Germany email
Susannah Dorfman, East Lansing, Michigan email
M. Darby Dyar, South Hadley, Massachusetts email
Justin Filiberto, Houston, Texas email
G. Diego Gatta, Milano, Italy email website
Charles A. Geiger, Salzburg, Austria email
Donato Giovannelli, Napoli, Italy email website
Sylvain Grangeon, Orleans, France email
Daniel Gregory, Toronto, Ontario email
Edward S. Grew, Orono, Maine email
Daniel E. Harlov, Potsdam, Germany email
Callum J. Hetherington, Lubbock, Texas email website
Warren D. Huff, Cincinnati, Ohio email website
Daniel Hummer, Los Angelas, California email
Steven E. Ingebritsen, Moffett Field, California email
Zhicheng Jing, Shenzhen, China email
Kate Kiseeva, Oxford, United Kingdom email
Jennifer Kung, Tainan, Taiwan email website
Jade Star Lackey, Claremont, California email website
Charles E. Lesher, Davis, California email
Jie Li, Ann Arbor, Michigan email website
Haozhe Liu, Harbin, China email website
Paolo Lotti, Milano, Italy email
Aaron J. Lussier, Ottawa, Canada email
Lindsay J. McHenry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin email website
Mainak Mookherjee, Tallahassee, Florida email website
Yann Morizet, Nantes, France email
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Fabrizio Nestola, Padova, Italy email
Daniel R. Neuville, Paris, France email
Eric T. Parker , Greenbelt, Maryland email website
William Peck, Hamilton, New York email
Sarah Penniston-Dorland, College Park, Maryland email
Anne H. Peslier, Houston, Texas email
Maurizio Petrelli, Perugia, Italy email
Chiara Maria Petrone, London, United Kingdom email
Kezhang Qin, Beijing, China email
Simon Redfern, Cambridge, United Kingdom email
Julie Roberge, Mexico City, Mexico email
Julia Semprich, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom email
Steven B. Simon, Albuquerque, New Mexico email
Ryosuke Sinmyo, Tokyo, Japan email
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Fang-Zhen Teng, Seattle, Washington email website
Elizabeth C. Thompson, Sewanee, Tennessee email website
Paul Tomascak, Oswego, New York email
Oliver Tschauner, Las Vegas, Nevada email
Adam Wallace, Newark, Delaware email website
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Heather Watson, Troy, New York email
Jie Xu, UT-El Paso, Texas email website

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