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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 104, no. 1   January 2019

Reconstruction of residual melts from the zeolitized explosive products of alkaline-mafic volcanoes
Linda S. Campbell, Guido Giordano, Michael J. Stock, Alessio Langella, David L. Bish, and G. Diego Gatta
Item #AM-19-16673
Supplemental Materials 1 and 2, Supplemental Tables and Figures zipped

Inefficient high-temperature metamorphism in orthogneiss
Timothy Chapman, Geoffrey L. Clarke, Sandra Piazolo, and Nathan R. Daczko
Item #AM-19-16503
Supplemental Figures. zipped

Nitrogen incorporation in silicates and metals: Results from SIMS, EPMA, FTIR, and laser-extraction mass spectrometry
Jed L. Mosenfelder, Anette Von Der Handt, Evelyn Füri, Celia Dalou, Richard L. Hervig, George R. Rossman, and Marc M. Hirschmann
Item #AM-19-16533
Supplemental Material zipped

In-situ high-temperature vibrational spectra for synthetic and natural clinohumite: Implications for dense hydrous magnesium silicates in subduction zones
Dan Liu, Youwei Pang, Yu Ye, Zhenmin Jin, Joseph R. Smyth, Yan Yang, Zengming Zhang, and Zhongping Wang
Item #AM-19-16604
Supplemental Table. zipped

Stability of the hydrous phases of Al-rich phase D and Al-rich phase H in deep subducted oceanic crust
Xingcheng Liu, Kyoko N. Matsukage, Yu Nishihara, Toshihiro Suzuki, and Eiichi Takahashi
Item #AM-19-16559
Supplemental Tables zipped

Minerals in cement chemistry: A single-crystal neutron diffraction study of ettringite, Ca6Al2(SO4)3(OH)12·27H2O
G. Diego Gatta, Ulf Hålenius, Ferdinando Bosi, Laura Cañadillas-Delgado, and Maria Teresa Fernandez-Diaz
Item #AM-19-16783
CIF and three tables zipped

Nature of hydrogen defects in clinopyroxenes from room temperature up to 1000 °C: Implication for the preservation of hydrogen in the upper mantle and impact on electrical conductivity
Yan Yang, Jannick Ingrin, Qunke Xia, and Wendi Liu
Item #AM-19-16661
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Cathodoluminescence features, trace elements, and oxygen isotopes of quartz in unidirectional solidification textures from the Sn-mineralized Heemskirk Granite, western Tasmania
Wei Hong, David R. Cooke, Lejun Zhang, Nathan Fox, and Jay Thompson
Item #AM-19-16534
Supplemental Material zipped

Controls on cassiterite (SnO2) crystallization: Evidence from cathodoluminescence, trace-element chemistry, and geochronology at the Gejiu Tin District
Yanbo Cheng, Carl Spandler, Anthony Kemp, Jingwen Mao, Brian Rusk, Yi Hu, and Kevin Blake
Item #AM-19-16466
Appendices zipped

Anomalous elastic behavior of phase egg, AlSiO3(OH), at high pressures
Mainak Mookherjee, Wendy R. Panero, Bernd Wunder, and Sandro Jahn
Item #AM-19-16694
Supplemental Figures and Material zipped

“Kamchatite” diamond aggregate from northern Kamchatka, Russia: New find of diamond formed by gas phase condensation or chemical vapor deposition
Felix V. Kaminsky, Richard Wirth, Leonid P. Anikin, and Anja Schreiber
Item #AM-19-16708
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

An example of high-T, high-symmetry crystallization: Spherical (Mg,Fe)-oxides formed by particle attachment in the shocked martian meteorite Northwest Africa 7755
Ai-Cheng Zhang, Shu-Zhou Wang, Naotaka Tomioka, Xian-Cai Lu, Zhi-Yuan Ding, Chi Ma, Peng Wang, Jia-Ni Chen, Sheng Xu, Li-Xin Gu, Yuan-Qiang Bai, Yang Li, Naoyaya Sakamoto, and Ru-Cheng Wang
Item #AM-19-16597
Supplemental Tables zipped

Zinc transport in hydrothermal fluids: On the roles of pressure and sulfur vs. chlorine complexing
Barbara Etschmann, Weihua Liu, Robert Mayanovic, Yuan Mei, Steven Heald, Robert Gordon, and Joël Brugger
Item #AM-19-16719
Supplemental Material zipped