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Lithosphere and American Mineralogists: Information for Authors

American Mineralogist is announcing a partnership with Lithosphere, published by non-profit collaborative, GeoScienceWorld. This partnership will provide authors a publishing opportunity in a fully open access journal. Lithosphere is a unique, community-driven alliance of the most highly respected society publishers in the geosciences, including the Mineralogical Society of America and the Geological Society of America. Lithosphere, which will launch in mid-January 2020, provides open access to high-quality, scientifically rigorous research across the earth, planetary and environmental sciences. As part of the collaboration, American Mineralogist will offer a transfer option to the authors of appropriate manuscripts to Lithosphere, so as to help authors avoid having to “start over” completely at a different journal.

Lithosphere is fully compliant with all existing funder requirements for open access (including Plan S/cOAlition S, all US federal funding agencies, European Commission/ERC and UKRI), and as such, provides an option for authors needing to meet those requirements.

Offer of a transfer does not guarantee acceptance in Lithosphere. All transfers will be assessed by Lithosphere’s Editorial Board, in line with the editorial policies of the journal. All transferring papers will be required to pay an Article Processing Fee. MSA members can get a 10% discount.