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American Mineralogist: International Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials Research

Volume 100, 2015
Degassing pathways of Cl-, F-, H-, and S-bearing magmas near the lunar surface: Implications for the composition and Cl isotopic values of lunar apatite
Gokce Ustunisik, Hanna Nekvasil, Donald H. Lindsley and Francis M. McCubbin
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The mafic component of the lunar crust: Constraints on the crustal abundance of mantle and intrusive rock, and the mineralogy of lunar anorthosites
Sarah T. Crites, Paul G. Lucey, and G. Jeffrey Taylor
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Magmatic volatiles (H, C, N, F, S, Cl) in the lunar mantle, crust, and regolith: Abundances, distributions, processes, and reservoirs
Francis M. McCubbin, Kathleen E. Vander Kaaden, Romain Tartèse, Rachel L. Klima, Yang Liu, James Mortimer, Jessica J. Barnes, Charles K. Shearer, Allan H. Treiman, David J. Lawrence, Stephen M. Elardo, Dana M. Hurley, Jeremy W. Boyce and Mahesh Anand
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Low-pressure crystallization of a volatile-rich lunar basalt: A means for producing local anorthosites?
Nicholas J. DiFrancesco, Hanna Nekvasil, Donald H. Lindsley and G. Ustunisik
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Revised mineral and Mg# maps of the Moon from integrating results from the Lunar Prospector neutron and gamma-ray spectrometers with Clementine spectroscopy
Sarah T. Crites and Paul G. Lucey
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A rock fragment related to the magnesian suite in lunar meteorite Allan Hills (ALHA) 81005
Allan H. Treiman and Juliane Gross
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Origin of the lunar highlands Mg-suite: An integrated petrology, geochemistry, chronology, and remote sensing perspective
Charles K. Shearer, Stephen M. Elardo, Noah E. Petro, Lars E. Borg and Francis M. McCubbin
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Volume 99, 2014
A large spectral survey of small lunar craters: Implications for the composition of the lunar mantle
Paul G. Lucey, Jessica A. Norman, Sarah T. Crites, G. Jeffrey Taylor, B. Ray Hawke, Myriam Lemelin and H. Jay Melosh
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The distribution of Mg-spinel across the Moon and constraints on crustal origin
Carle M. Pieters, Kerri Donaldson Hanna, Leah Cheek, Deepak Dhingra, Tabb Prissel, Colin Jackson, Daniel Moriarty, Stephen Parman and Lawrence A. Taylor
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Reflectance spectroscopy of plagioclase-dominated mineral mixtures: Implications for characterizing lunar anorthosites remotely
Leah C. Cheek and Carle M. Pieters
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Phosphate-halogen metasomatism of lunar granulite 79215: Impact-induced fractionation of volatiles and incompatible elements
Allan H. Treiman, Jeremy W. Boyce, Juliane Gross, Yunbin Guan, John M. Eiler and Edward M. Stolper
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Spinel-rich lithologies in the lunar highland crust: Linking lunar samples with crystallization experiments and remote sensing
Juliane Gross, Peter J. Isaacson, Allan H. Treiman, Loan Le and Julia K. Gorman
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VNIR spectral variability of the igneous stratified Stillwater Complex: A tool to map lunar highlands
Cristian Carli, Giovanni Serventi and Maria Sgavetti
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Visible-infrared spectral properties of iron-bearing aluminate spinel under lunar-like redox conditions
Colin R.M. Jackson, Leah C. Cheek, Kelsey B. Williams, Kerri Donaldson Hanna, Carle M. Pieters, Stephen W. Parman, Reid F. Cooper, M. Darby Dyar, Melissa Nelms and Mark R. Salvatore
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The petrogenesis of impact basin melt rocks in lunar meteorite Shişr 161
Axel Wittmann, Randy L. Korotev, Bradley L. Jolliff, Thomas J. Lapen and Anthony J. Irving
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