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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 103, no. 9   September 2018

Questioning the biogenicity of Neoproterozoic superheavy pyrite by SIMS
Huan Cui, Kouki Kitajima, Michael J. Spicuzza, John H. Fournelle, Adam Denny, Akizumi Ishida, Feifei Zhang, and John W. Valley
Item #AM-18-96489
Supplemental Material zipped

The effect of disequilibrium crystallization on Nb-Ta fractionation in pegmatites: Constraints from crystallization experiments of tantalite-tapiolite
Marieke Van Lichtervelde, Francois Holtz, and Frank Melcher
Item #AM-18-96441
Supplemental Material zipped

Titanite major and trace element compositions as petrogenetic and metallogenic indicators of Mo ore deposits: Examples from four granite plutons in the southern Yidun arc, SW China
Li-Chuan Pan, Rui-Zhong Hu, Xian-Wu Bi, Chusi Li, Xin-Song Wang, and Jing-Jing Zhu
Item #AM-18-96224
Supplemental Tables zipped

Kuliginite, a new hydroxychloride mineral from the Udachnaya kimberlite pipe, Yakutia: Implications for low-temperature hydrothermal alteration of the kimberlites
Denis S. Mikhailenko, Andrey V. Korsakov, Sergey V. Rashchenko, Yurii V. Seryotkin, Dmitriy I. Belakovskiy, and Alexander V. Golovin
Item #AM-18-96363
Supplemental Tables and CIF zipped

Electron microprobe technique for the determination of iron oxidation state in silicate glasses
Chao Zhang, Renat R. Almeev, Ery C. Hughes, Alexander A. Borisov, Eric P. Wolff, Heidi E. Höfer, Roman E. Botcharnikov, and Jürgen Koepke
Item #AM-18-96437
Supplemental Material zipped

Experimental investigation of F and Cl partitioning between apatite and Fe-rich basaltic melt at 0 GPa and 950–1050 °C: Evidence for steric controls on apatite-melt exchange equilibria in OH-poor apatite
Francis M. McCubbin and Gokce Ustunisik
Item #AM-18-96339
Supplemental Tables zipped

Carbonic acid monohydrate
Evan H. Abramson, Olivier Bollengier, J. Michael Brown, Baptiste Journaux, Werner Kaminsky, and Anna Pakhomova
Item #AM-18-96554
CIF zipped

High spatial resolution analysis of the iron oxidation state in silicate glasses using the electron probe
Ery C. Hughes, Ben Buse, Stuart L. Kearns, Jon D. Blundy, Geoff Kilgour, Heidy M. Mader, Richard A. Brooker, Robert Balzer, Roman E. Botcharnikov, Danilo Di Genova, Renat R. Almeev, and Jenny M. Rikeker
Item #AM-18-96546
Supplemental Material zipped

Disturbance of the Sm-Nd isotopic system by metasomatic alteration: A case study of fluorapatite from the Sin Quyen Cu-LREE-Au deposit, Vietnam
Xiao-Chun Li, Mei-Fu Zhou, Yue-Heng Yang, Xin-Fu Zhao, and Jian-Feng Gao
Item #AM-18-96501
Supplemental Material zipped

Segerstromite, Ca3(As5+O4)2[As3+(OH)3]2, the first mineral containing As3+(OH)3, the arsenite molecule, from the Cobriza mine in the Atacama Region, Chile
Hexiong Yang, Robert T. Downs, Robert A. Jenkins, and Stanley H. Evans
Item #AM-18-96329
Supplementary Tables and CIF zipped

Vestaite, (Ti4+Fe2+)Ti34+O9, a new mineral in the shocked eucrite Northwest Africa 8003
Run-Lian Pang, Dennis Harries, Kilian Pollok, Ai-Cheng Zhang, and Falko Langenhorst
Item #AM-18-96522
Supplemental Table zipped