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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 102, no. 9   September 2017

Crystal structure of richetite revisited: Crystallographic evidence for the presence of pentavalent uranium
Jakub Plášil
Item #AM-17-96092
Supplemental Tables and CIF zipped

Mobilization and agglomeration of uraninite nanoparticles: A nano-mineralogical study of samples from the Matoush Uranium ore deposit
Michael Schindler, Aaron J. Lussier, Jacob Bellrose, Sergei Rouvimov, Peter C. Burns, and T. Kurt Kyser
Item #AM-17-95984
Supplemental Material zipped

Element mobility during regional metamorphism in crustal and subduction zone environments with a focus on the rare earth elements (REE)
Jay J. Ague
Item #AM-17-96130
Supplemental Material zipped

Subsolidus hydrogen partitioning between nominally anhydrous minerals in garnet-bearing peridotite
Sylvie Demouchy, Svyatoslav Shcheka, Carole M.M. Denis, and Catherine Thoraval
Item #AM-17-96089
Supplemental Material zipped

Trace element inventory of meteoritic Ca-phosphates
Dustin Ward, Addi Bischoff, Julia Roszjar, Jasper Berndt, and Martin J. Whitehouse
Item #AM-17-96056
Supplemental Material zipped

Insights into solar nebula formation of pyrrhotite from nanoscale disequilibrium phases produced by H2S sulfidation of Fe metal
Zack Gainsforth, Dante S. Lauretta, Nobumichi Tamura, Andrew J. Westphal, Christine E. Jilly-Rehak, and Anna L. Butterworth
Item #AM-17-95848
Supplemental Material zipped

Unraveling the presence of multiple plagioclase populations and identification of representative two-dimensional sections using a statistical and numerical approach
Lilu Cheng, Fidel Costa, and Roberto Carniel
Item #AM-17-95929
Supplemental Material zipped

Refractive indices of minerals and synthetic compounds
Ruth C. Shannon, Barbara Lafuente, Robert D. Shannon, Robert T. Downs, and Reinhard X. Fischer
Item #AM-17-96144
Supplemental Tables zipped

Can we use pyroxene weathering textures to interpret aqueous alteration conditions? Yes and No
Charity M. Phillips-Lander, Carey Legett IV, Andrew S. Elwood Madden, and Megan E. Elwood Madden
Item #AM-17-96155
Supplemental Material zipped

Phase relations and formation of K-bearing Al-10 Å phase in the MORB+H2O system: Implications for H2O- and K-cycles in subduction zones
Renbiao Tao, Lifei Zhang, Xi Liu, Thomas Bader, and Yingwei Fei
Item #AM-17-96025
Supplemental Figures and Tables. zipped

Effect of alkalis on the reaction of clinopyroxene with Mg-carbonate at 6 GPa: Implications for partial melting of carbonated lherzolite
Anton Shatskiy, Ivan V. Podborodnikov, Anton V. Arefiev, Konstantin D. Litasov, Artem D. Chanyshev, Igor S. Sharygin, Nikolai S. Karmanov, and Eiji Ohtani
Item #AM-17-96048
Supplemental Material zipped

Synthesis and crystal structure of LiNbO3-type Mg3Al2Si3O12: A possible indicator of shock conditions of meteorites
Takayuki Ishii, Ryosuke Sinmyo, Tetsuya Komabayashi, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Takaaki Kawazoe, Nobuyoshi Miyajima, Kei Hirose, and Tomoo Katsura
Item #AM-17-96027
CIF zipped

EosFit-Pinc: A simple GUI for host-inclusion elastic thermobarometry
Ross J. Angel, Mattia L. Mazzucchelli, Matteo Alvaro, and Fabrizio Nestola
Item #AM-17-96190
Algebraic Proof zipped