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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 102, no. 3   March 2017

Sulfide-silicate textures in magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide ore deposits: Disseminated and net-textured ores
Stephen J. Barnes, James E. Mungall, Margaux Le Vaillant, Belinda Godel, C. Michael Lesher, David Holwell, Peter C. Lightfoot, Nadya Krivolutskaya, and Bo Wei
Item #AM-17-35754
Supplemental Material zipped

Nickel variability in Hawaiian olivine: Evaluating the relative contributions from mantle and crustal processes
Kendra J. Lynn, Thomas Shea, and Michael O. Garcia
Item #AM-17-35763
Supplemental Material zipped

Hydrogen incorporation mechanisms in forsterite: New insights from 1H and 29Si NMR spectroscopy and first-principles calculation
Xianyu Xue, Masami Kanzaki, Doreen Turner, and Dominik Loroch
Item #AM-17-35878
Tables 1, 3, and 4, Supplemental material zipped

New SIMS reference materials for measuring water in upper mantle minerals
Kathryn M. Kumamoto, Jessica M. Warren, and Erik H. Hauri
Item #AM-17-35863
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Co-variability of S6+, S4+, and S2– in apatite as a function of oxidation state: Implications for a new oxybarometer
Brian A. Konecke, Adrian Fiege, Adam C. Simon, Fleurice Parat, and André Stechern
Item #AM-17-35907
Supplemental Material zipped

Apatite in the dike-gabbro transition zone of mid-ocean ridge: Evidence for brine assimilation by axial melt lens
Chao Zhang, Juergen Koepke, Moritz Albrecht, Ingo Horn, and Francois Holtz
Item #AM-17-35906
Supplemental Material zipped

LA-Q-ICP-MS apatite U/Pb geochronology using common Pb in plagioclase: Examples from layered mafic intrusions
Cora C. Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser, Christian Tegner, and Victoria Pease
Item #AM-17-35903
Supplemental Tables zipped

Chlorine and fluorine partitioning between apatite and sediment melt at 2.5 GPa, 800 °C: A new experimentally derived thermodynamic model
Huijuan Li and Joerg Hermann
Item #AM-17-35891
Expanded Tables 3–6 zipped

Representative size distributions of framboidal, euhedral, and sunflower pyrite from high-resolution X-ray tomography and scanning electron microscopy analyses
Raul Merinero, Víctor Cárdenes, Rosario Lunar, Matthieu N. Boone, and Veerle Cnudde
Item #AM-17-35851
Tables 3–4 and Data zipped

Thermodynamics and crystal chemistry of rhomboclase, (H5O2)Fe(SO4)2·2H2O, and the phase (H3O)Fe(SO4)2 and implications for acid mine drainage
Juraj Majzlan, Klaus-Dieter Grevel, Boris Kiefer, Ulla Gro Nielsen, Elisabeth Grube, Edgar Dachs, Artur Benisek, Mary Anne White, and Michel B. Johnson
Item #AM-17-35909
Supplemental Material zipped

Chemical lattice expansion of natural zircon during the magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of A-type granite
Ling-Jun Zeng, He-Cai Niu, Zhi-Wei Bao, and Wu-Bin Yang
Item #AM-17-35840
Supplemental Data zipped

A new high-pressure phase transition in clinoferrosilite: In situ single-crystal X-ray diffraction study
Anna Pakhomova, Leyla Ismailova, Elena Bykova, Maxim Bykov, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, and Leonid Dubrovinsky
Item #AM-17-35853
CIF zipped

Nitrogen and carbon concentrations and isotopic compositions of the silica clathrate melanophlogite
Kristin E. Lazzeri, Gray E. Bebout, and Charles A. Geiger
Item #AM-17-35876
Supplemental Material zipped

Hollisterite (Al3Fe), kryachkoite (Al,Cu)6(Fe,Cu), and stolperite (AlCu): Three new minerals from the Khatyrka CV3 carbonaceous chondrite
Chi Ma, Chaney Lin, Luca Bindi, and Paul J. Steinhardt
Item #AM-17-35991
Supplemental Tables zipped