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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 101, no. 9   September 2016

Redox variations in the inner solar system with new constraints from vanadium XANES in spinels
Kevin Righter, Steve R. Sutton, Lisa Danielson, Kellye Pando, and Matt Newville
Item #AM-16-95638
Supplemental Material zipped

Nickel–cobalt contents of olivine record origins of mantle peridotite and related rocks
Claude Herzberg, Christopher Vidito, and Natalie A. Starkey
Item #AM-16-95538
Supplemental Tables and Appendix zipped

Experimental simulation of bubble nucleation and magma ascent in basaltic systems: Implications for Stromboli volcano
Nolwenn Le Gall and Michel Pichavant
Item #AM-16-95639
Table 5. zipped

Study on nanophase iron oxyhydroxides in freshwater ferromanganese nodules from Green Bay, Lake Michigan, with implications for the adsorption of As and heavy metals
Seungyeol Lee, Zhizhang Shen, and Huifang Xu
Item #AM-16-95729
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

The effects of shear deformation on planetesimal core segregation: Results from in-situ X-ray micro-tomography
Kasey A. Todd, Heather C. Watson, Tony Yu, and Yanbin Wang
Item #AM-16-95474
Video Supplemental Material zipped

Thermodynamics, self-diffusion, and structure of liquid NaAlSi3O8 to 30 GPa by classical molecular dynamics simulations
Ryan T. Neilson, Frank J. Spera, and Mark S. Ghiorso
Item #AM-16-95486
Supplemental Material zipped

Magnetite plaquettes are naturally asymmetric materials in meteorites
Queenie H.S. Chan, Michael E. Zolensky, James E. Martinez, Akira Tsuchiyama, and Akira Miyake
Item #AM-16-95604
Supplemental Material zipped

Kinetics of Fe3+ mineral crystallization from ferrihydrite in the presence of Si at alkaline conditions and implications for nuclear waste disposal
Paul Clarence M. Francisco, Tsutomu Sato, Tsubasa Otake, and Takeshi Kasama
Item #AM-16-95589
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Multi-scale three-dimensional characterization of iron particles in dusty olivine: Implications for paleomagnetism of chondritic meteorites
Joshua F. Einsle, Richard J. Harrison, Takeshi Kasama, Pádraig Ó Conbhuí, Karl Fabian, Wyn Williams, Leonie Woodland, Roger R. Fu, Benjamin P. Weiss, and Paul A. Midgley
Item #AM-16-95738
Movies zipped

Modeling dislocation glide and lattice friction in Mg2SiO4 wadsleyite in conditions of the Earth’s transition zone
Sebastian Ritterbex, Philippe Carrez, and Patrick Cordier
Item #AM-16-95578
Supplemental Material zipped

Carlsonite, (NH4)5Fe33+O(SO4)6·7H2O, and huizingite-(Al), (NH4)9Al3(SO4)8(OH)2·4H2O, two new minerals from a natural fire in an oil-bearing shale near Milan, Ohio
Anthony R. Kampf, R. Peter Richards, Barbara P. Nash, James B. Murowchick, and John F. Rakovan
Item #AM-16-95680
Table 2 and CIF zipped

Vránaite, ideally Al16B4Si4O38, a new mineral related to boralsilite, Al16B6Si2Oß, from the Manjaka pegmatite, Sahatany Valley, Madagascar
Jan Cempírek, Edward S. Grew, Anthony R. Kampf, Chi Ma, Milan Novák, Petr Gadas, Radek Škoda, Michaela Vašinová-Galiová, Federico Pezzotta, Lee A. Groat, and Sergey V. Krivovichev
Item #AM-16-95686
Supplemental Material, Table 1, and CIF zipped