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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 101, no. 7   July 2016

Constraints on iron sulfate and iron oxide mineralogy from ChemCam visible/near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy of Mt. Sharp basal units, Gale Crater, Mars
Jeffrey R. Johnson, James F. Bell III, Steve Bender, Diana Blaney, Edward Cloutis, Bethany Ehlmann, Abigail Fraeman, Olivier Gasnault, Kjartan Kinch, Stéphane Le Mouélicic, Sylvestre Maurice, Elizabeth Rampe, David Vaniman, and Roger C. Wiens
Item #AM-16-75553
Supplemental Material zipped

Granitoid magmas preserved as melt inclusions in high-grade metamorphic rocks
Omar Bartoli, Antonio Acosta-Vigil, Silvio Ferrero, and Bernardo Cesare
Item #AM-16-75541
Supplemental Tables zipped

Incorporation of Fe2+ and Fe3+ in bridgmanite during magma ocean crystallization
Asmaa Boujibar, Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova, Denis Andrault, M. Ali Bouhifd, and Nicolas Trcera
Item #AM-16-75561
Supplemental Material zipped

D-poor hydrogen in lunar mare basalts assimilated from lunar regolith
Allan H. Treiman, Jeremy W. Boyce, James P. Greenwood, John M. Eiler, Juliane Gross, Yunbin Guan, Chi Ma, and Edward M. Stolper
Item #AM-16-75582
Deposit zipped

Mineral chemistry and petrogenesis of a HFSE(+HREE) occurrence, peripheral to carbonatites of the Bear Lodge alkaline complex, Wyoming
Allen K. Andersen, James G. Clark, Peter B. Larson, and Owen K. Neill
Item #AM-16-75532
Appendix Tables zipped

Formation of the lunar highlands Mg-suite as told by spinel
Tabb C. Prissel, Stephen W. Parman, and James W. Head
Item #AM-16-75581
Supplemental Tables zipped

High-pressure compressibility and thermal expansion of aragonite
Sarah E.M. Palaich, Robert A. Heffern, Michael Hanfland, Andrea Lausi, Abby Kavner, Craig E. Manning, and Marco Merlini
Item #AM-16-75528
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

Electronic transitions of iron in almandine-composition glass to 91 GPa
Susannah M. Dorfman, Sian E. Dutton, Vasily Potapkin, Aleksandr I. Chumakov, Jean-Pascal Rueff, Paul Chow, Yuming Xiao, Robert J. Cava, Thomas S. Duffy, Catherine A. McCammon, and Philippe Gillet
Item #AM-16-75606
Supplemental Material zipped

What is the actual structure of samarskite-(Y)? A TEM investigation of metamict samarskite from the Garnet Codera dike pegmatite (Central Italian Alps)
Gian Carlo Capitani, Enrico Mugnaioli, and Alessandro Guastoni
Item #AM-16-75605
CIF zipped

Detection of liquid H2O in vapor bubbles in reheated melt inclusions: Implications for magmatic fluid composition and volatile budgets of magmas?
Rosario Esposito, Hector M. Lamadrid, Daniele Redi, Matthew Steele -MacInnis, Robert J. Bodnar, Craig E. Manning, Benedetto De Vivo, Claudia Cannatelli, and Annamaria Lima
Item #AM-16-75689
Supplemental Material zipped

Interface coupled dissolution-reprecipitation in garnet from subducted granulites and ultrahigh-pressure rocks revealed by phosphorous, sodium, and titanium zonation
Jay J. Ague and Jennifer A. Axler
Item #AM-16-75707
Supplemental Table 1 zipped

Discreditation of diomignite and its petrologic implications
Alan J. Anderson
Item #AM-16-75757
Supplemental Material zipped