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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 101, no. 2   February 2016

Cancrinite-group minerals: Crystal-chemical description and properties under non-ambient conditions—A review
G. Diego Gatta and Paolo Lotti
Item #AM-16-25282
Tables 3 and 4 zipped

Growth dynamics of vaterite in relation to the physico-chemical properties of its precursor, amorphous calcium carbonate, in the Ca-CO3-PO4 system
Yuki Sugiura, Kazuo Onuma, and Atsushi Yamazaki
Item #AM-16-25184
Appendix Data zipped

Hafnium, oxygen, neodymium, strontium, and lead isotopic constraints on magmatic evolution of the supereruptive southern Black Mountains volcanic center, Arizona, U.S.A.: A combined LASS zircon–whole-rock study
Susanne M. McDowell, Sarah Overton, Christopher M. Fisher, William O. Frazier, Calvin F. Miller, Jonathan S. Miller, and Rita C. Economos
Item #AM-16-25127
Supplemental Appendices zipped

Deciphering magmatic processes in calc-alkaline plutons using trace element zoning in hornblende
Calvin G. Barnes, Valbone Memeti, and Nolwenn Coint
Item #AM-16-25383
Elemental data zipped

Maruyamaite, K(MgAl2)(Al5Mg)Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)3O, from the ultrahigh-pressure Kokchetav massif, northern Kazakhstan: Description and crystal structure
Aaron Lussier, Neil A. Ball, Frank C. Hawthorne, Darrell J. Henry, Rentaro Shimizu, Yoshihide Ogasawara, and Tsutomu Ota
Item #AM-16-25359
CIF and structure factors. zipped

Crystal chemistry and light elements analysis of Ti-rich garnets
Emanuela Schingaro, Maria Lacalamita, Ernesto Mesto, Gennaro Ventruti, Giuseppe Pedrazzi, Luisa Ottolini, and Fernando Scordari
Item #AM-16-25439
CIF zipped

Jianshuiite in oceanic manganese nodules at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary
Jeffrey E. Post, Ellen Thomas, and Peter J. Heaney
Item #AM-16-25347
CIF zipped

The effect of phosphorus on manganocolumbite and mangaotantalite solubility in peralkaline to peraluminous granitic melts
Yong Tang, Hui Zhang, and Bing Rao
Item #AM-16-25424
Appendix A zipped

Interpretation of the infrared spectra of the lizardite-nepouite series in the near- and mid-infrared range
Fabien Baron and Sabine Petit
Item #AM-16-25352
Supplemental Material. zipped

Ferri-kaersutite, NaCa2(Mg3TiFe3+)(Si6Al2)O22O2, a new oxo-amphibole from Harrow Peaks, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Silvia Gentili, Cristian Biagioni, Paola Comodi, Marco Pasero, Catherine McCammon, and Costanza Bonadiman
Item #AM-16-25204
CIF zipped

Incorporation of high amounts of Na in ringwoodite: Possible implications for transport of alkali into lower mantle
Luca Bindi, Anastasia Tamarova, Andrey V. Bobrov, Ekaterina A. Sirotkina, Oliver Tschauner, Michael J. Walter, and Tetsuo Irifune
Item #AM-16-25570
CIF zipped