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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 101, no. 12   December 2016

Physical basis of trace element partitioning: A review
Shun-ichiro Karato
Item #AM-16-125665
Appendices zipped

A mineralogical view of apatitic biomaterials
Jill Dill Pasteris
Item #AM-16-125732
Supplemental Appendix zipped

Raman spectroscopy of siderite at high pressure: Evidence for a sharp spin transition
Jan Müller, Sergio Speziale, Ilias Efthimiopoulos, Sandro Jahn, and Monika Koch-Müller
Item #AM-16-125708
Supplemental Figure zipped

Electron diffraction determination of 11.5 Å and HySo structures: Candidate water carriers to the Upper Mantle
Mauro Gemmi, Marco Merlini, Lukáš Palatinus, Patrizia Fumagalli, and Michael Hanfland
Item #AM-16-125722
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

Dissolution-reprecipitation and self-assembly of serpentine nanoparticles preceding chrysotile formation: Insights into the structure of proto-serpentine
Romain Lafay, Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez, German Montes-Hernandez, Anne Line Auzende, and Agnieszka Poulain
Item #AM-16-125772
Electronic annex zipped

Submicrometer-scale spatial heterogeneity in silicate glasses using aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy
Katherine D. Burgess, Rhonda M. Stroud, M. Darby Dyar, and Molly C. McCanta
Item #AM-16-125696
Supplementary Table zipped

Growth of hydrothermal baddeleyite and zircon in different stages of skarnization
Wen Winston Zhao, Mei-Fu Zhou, and Wei Terry Chen
Item #AM-16-125706
Supplemental Figures, Tables, and Appendix zipped

Structural incorporation of W6+ into hematite and goethite: A combined study of natural and synthetic iron oxides developed from precursor ferrihydrite and the preservation of ancient fluid compositions in hematite
Stefan Kreissl, Ralph Bolanz, Jörg Göttlicher, Ralph Steininger, Mihail Tarassov, and Gregor Markl
Item #AM-16-125690
Supplemental Tables 1 and 2, Appendices A and B zipped

Morphological and chemical evolution of corundum (ruby and sapphire): Crystal ontogeny reconstructed by EMPA, LA-ICP-MS, and Cr3+ Raman mapping
Elena S. Sorokina, Wolfgang Hofmeister, Tobias Häger, Regina Mertz-Kraus, Stephan Buhre, and John M. Saul
Item #AM-16-125614
Supplementary Table zipped

High-pressure compressibility and vibrational properties of (Ca,Mn)CO3
Jin Liu, Razvan Caracas, Dawei Fan, Ema Bobocioiu, Dongzhou Zhang, and Wendy L. Mao
Item #AM-16-125742
Supplementary Tables zipped

The role of Fe content on the Fe-Mg exchange reaction in augite
Mara Murri, Lorenzo Scandolo, Anna Maria Fioretti, Fabrizio Nestola, Chiara Maria Domeneghetti, and Matteo Alvaro
Item #AM-16-125717
CIF zipped

Magnetite exsolution in ilmenite from the Fe-Ti oxide gabbro in the Xinjie intrusion (SW China) and sources of unusually strong remnant magnetization
Wei Tan, Hongping He, Christina Yan Wang, Huan Dong, Xiaoliang Liang, and Jianxi Zhu
Item #AM-16-125688
Supplemental Tables and Figures zipped

Statistical petrology reveals a link between supercontinents cycle and mantle global climate
Jérôme Ganne, Xiaojun Feng, Patrice Rey, and Vincent De Andrade
Item #AM-16-125868
Supplemental Material zipped

An improved clinopyroxene-based hygrometer for Etnean magmas and implications for eruption triggering mechanisms
Cristina Perinelli, Silvio Mollo, Mario Gaeta, Serena Pia De Cristofaro, Danilo M. Palladino, Pietro Armienti, Piergiorgio Scarlato, and Keith D. Putirka
Item #AM-16-125916
Supplemental Material zipped