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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 100, no. 0809   August-September 2015

Magmatic volatiles (H, C, N, F, S, Cl) in the lunar mantle, crust, and regolith: Abundances, distributions, processes, and reservoirs
Francis M. McCubbin, Kathleen E. Vander Kaaden, Romain Tartèse, Rachel L. Klima, Yang Liu, James Mortimer, Jessica J. Barnes, Charles K. Shearer, Allan H. Treiman, David J. Lawrence, Stephen M. Elardo, Dana M. Hurley, Jeremy W. Boyce and Mahesh Anand
Item #AM-15-84934
Supplementary Material and Supplemental Tables 1-5 zipped

The mafic component of the lunar crust: Constraints on the crustal abundance of mantle and intrusive rock, and the mineralogy of lunar anorthosites
Sarah T. Crites, Paul G. Lucey, and G. Jeffrey Taylor
Item #AM-15-84872
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

New structure of high-pressure body-centered orthorhombic Fe2SiO4
Takamitsu Yamanaka, Atsushi Kyono, Yuki Nakamoto, Svetlana Kharlamova, Viktor V. Struzhkin, Stephen A. Gramsch, Ho-kwang Mao and Russell J. Hemley
Item #AM-15-84744
CIF zipped

High-pressure behavior of cuprospinel CuFe2O4: Influence of the Jahn-Teller effect on the spinel structure
Atsushi Kyono, Stephen A. Gramsch, Yuki Nakamoto, Masafumi Sakata, Masato Kato, Tomoya Tamura and Takamitsu Yamanaka
Item #AM-15-85224
CIF zipped

Field and model constraints on silicic melt segregation by compaction/hindered settling: The role of water and its effect on latent heat release
Cin-Ty A. Lee, Douglas M. Morton, Michael J. Farner and Pranabendu Moitra
Item #AM-15-85121
Appendix Tables 1–6 zipped

Formation of rhyolite at the Okataina Volcanic Complex, New Zealand: New insights from analysis of quartz clusters in plutonic lithics
Karina A. Graeter, Rachel J. Beane, Chad D. Deering, Darren Gravley and Olivier Bachmann
Item #AM-15-85135
Supplemental Material zipped

Experimental investigation of F, Cl, and OH partitioning between apatite and Fe-rich basaltic melt at 1.0–1.2 GPa and 950–1000 °C
Francis M. McCubbin, Kathleen E. Vander Kaaden, Romain Tartèse, Jeremy W. Boyce, Sami Mikhail, Eric S. Whitson, Aaron S. Bell, Mahesh Anand, Ian A. Franchi, Jianhua Wang and Erik H. Hauri
Item #AM-15-85233
Appendix A with figures and data tables zipped

Synthesis, characterization, and thermodynamics of arsenates forming in the Ca-Fe(III)-As(V)-NO3 system: Implications for the stability of Ca-Fe arsenates
Dogan Paktunc, Juraj Majzlan, Artis Huang, Yves Thibault, Michel B. Johnson and Mary Anne White
Item #AM-15-85199
Supplemental Material zipped

High-pressure phases of cordierite from single-crystal X-ray diffraction to 15 GPa
Gregory J. Finkelstein, Przemyslaw K. Dera and Thomas S. Duffy
Item #AM-15-85073
CIF zipped

Planar microstructures in zircon from paleo-seismic zones
Elizaveta Kovaleva, Urs Klötzli, Gerlinde Habler and John Wheeler
Item #AM-15-85236
Appendix with Figures zipped

Elastic wave velocity anomalies of anorthite in a subducting plate: In situ experiments
Kyoko N. Matsukage, Yu Nishihara, Fumiya Noritake, Katsuyuki Kawamura, Noriyoshi Tsujino, Moe Sakurai, Yuji Higo, Junichi Nakajima, Akira Hasegawa and Eiichi Takahashi
Item #AM-15-85240
Appendix and Appendix figure zipped

Current limitations of molecular dynamic simulations as probes of thermo-physical behavior of silicate melts
Jean-Philippe Harvey and Paul D. Asimow
Item #AM-15-85159
computer code zipped

Magnetic anisotropy in natural amphibole crystals
Andrea R. Biedermann, Christian Bender Koch, Thomas Pettke and Ann M. Hirt
Item #AM-15-85173
Appendix Tables A and B zipped

Resolving oxygen isotopic disturbance in zircon: A case study from the low δ18O Scourie dikes, NW Scotland
Joshua H.F.L. Davies, Richard A. Stern, Larry M. Heaman, Xavier Rojas and Erin L.Walton
Item #AM-15-85221
Supplemental material. zipped

Accurate determination of Fe3+/ΣFe of andesitic glass by Mössbauer spectroscopy
Hongluo L. Zhang, Peat A. Solheid, Rebecca A. Lange, Anette von der Handt and Marc M. Hirschmann
Item #AM-15-85161
Supplementary Figures and Tables zipped

Chemical interactions between a sedimentary diapir and surrounding magma: Evidence from the Phepane Dome and Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Rachel H.P. Ireland and Sarah C. Penniston-Dorland
Item #AM-15-85196
Tables 1–3 zipped

The crystal structures of Mg2Fe2C4O13, with tetrahedrally coordinated carbon, and Fe13O19, synthesized at deep mantle conditions
Marco Merlini, Michael Hanfland, Ashkan Salamat, Sylvain Petitgirard and Harald Müller
Item #AM-15-85369
Tables 1–2 and Figures 4–5 zipped