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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 101, no. 10   October 2016

Temporal histories of Cordilleran continental arcs: Testing models for magmatic episodicity
Moritz Kirsch, Scott R. Paterson, Florian Wobbe, Ana María Martínez Ardila, Benjamin L. Clausen, and Pablo H. Alasino
Item #AM-16-105718
Appendix: Data references zipped

Association of cumulus apatite with compositionally unusual olivine and plagioclase in the Taihe Fe-Ti oxide ore-bearing layered mafic-ultramafic intrusion: Petrogenetic significance and implications for ore genesis
Zhong-Jie Bai, Hong Zhong, Chusi Li, Wei-Guang Zhu, and Wen-Jun Hu
Item #AM-16-105577
Supplemental Material zipped

Error sources in single-clinopyroxene thermobarometry and a mantle geotherm for the Novinka kimberlite, Yakutia
Luca Ziberna, Paolo Nimis, Dmitry Kuzmin, and Vladimir G. Malkovets
Item #AM-16-105540
Supplemental Tables and Appendix zipped

Experimental hydration of natural volcanic clinopyroxene phenocrysts under hydrothermal pressures (0.5–3 kbar)
Franz A. Weis, Roland Stalder, and Henrik Skogby
Item #AM-16-105711
Supplemental Material zipped

Empirical electronic polarizabilities of ions for the prediction and interpretation of refractive indices: Oxides and oxysalts
Robert D. Shannon and Reinhard X. Fischer
Item #AM-16-105730
Supplemental Material with Appendix Table 1 and Tables 3 and 8 zipped

Silicic lunar volcanism: Testing the crustal melting model
Amber L. Gullikson, Justin J. Hagerty, Mary R. Reid, Jennifer F. Rapp, and David S. Draper
Item #AM-16-105619
Appendice zipped

Transition metals in the transition zone: Crystal chemistry of minor element substitution in wadsleyite
Li Zhang, Joseph R. Smyth, Julien Allaz, Takaaki Kawazoe, Steven D. Jacobsen, and Zhenmin Jin
Item #AM-16-105681
CIF zipped

Further observations related to a possible occurrence of terrestrial ahrensite
William E. Glassley, John A. Korstgård, and Kai Sørensen
Item #AM-16-105899
Supplemental Material zipped

Chemical zoning and lattice distortion in uraninite from Olympic Dam, South Australia
Edeltraud Macmillan, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Kathy Ehrig, Nigel J. Cook, and Allan Pring
Item #AM-16-105753
Supplemental Material zipped