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Let’s Get to Peer Review Quickly

Tips for First Submissionss

  1. Know your co-authors! Be prepared with contact info, especially the correct emails.
  2. Have Implications” in your paper.
  3. Read the Info for Authors!
  4. Figures don't forget to proof the text in your figures carefully!
  5. Cover letter attached.
  6. Tables at the end of your file.
  7. Have strong artwork: readable fonts (remember to embed fonts), thick lines.
  8. Got “CIFs”? Submit just one CIF file.
  9. No Conclusions, or summary, at the end of your paper—summary is for the Abstract.
  10. Use MathType/Equation Editor for display equations only.
  11. Part of a Special Collection? Remember to select the name from the pull-down list.

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