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American Mineralogist: Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials

Volume 100, 2015
Optical constants of synthetic potassium, sodium, and hydronium jarosite
Elizabeth C. Sklute, Timothy D. Glotch, Jennifer L. Piatek, William R. Woerner, Alexis A. Martone and Meredith L. Kraner
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Akaganéite and schwertmannite: Spectral properties and geochemical implications of their possible presence on Mars
Janice L. Bishop, Enver Murad and M. Darby Dyar
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Mid-infrared emission spectroscopy and visible/near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy of Fe-sulfate minerals
Melissa D. Lane, Janice L. Bishop, M. Darby Dyar, Takahiro Hiroi, Stanley A. Mertzman, David L. Bish, Penelope L. King and A. Deanne Rogers
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Volume 99, 2014
Ferrian saponite from the Santa Monica Mountains (California, U.S.A., Earth): Characterization as an analog for clay minerals on Mars with application to Yellowknife Bay in Gale Crater
Allan H. Treiman, Richard V. Morris, David G. Agresti, Trevor G. Graff, Cherie N. Achilles, Elizabeth B. Rampe, Thomas F. Bristow, Douglas W. Ming, David F. Blake, David T. Vaniman, David L. Bish, Steve J. Chipera, Shaunna M. Morrison and Robert T. Downs
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Etch-pit size, dissolution rate, and time in the experimental dissolution of olivine: Implications for estimating olivine lifetime at the surface of Mars
Michael A. Velbel
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Gypsum in modern Kamchatka volcanic hot springs and the Lower Cambrian black shale: Applied to the microbial-mediated precipitation of sulfates on Mars
Min Tang, Anouk Ehreiser and Yi-Liang Li
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Flower-like apatite recording microbial processes through deep geological time and its implication to the search for mineral records of life on Mars
Si Sun, Lung S. Chan and Yi-Liang Li
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Spectral properties of Ca-sulfates: Gypsum, bassanite, and anhydrite
Janice L. Bishop, Melissa D. Lane, M. Darby Dyar, Sara J. King, Adrian J. Brown and Gregg A. Swayze
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Reflectance spectroscopy and optical functions for hydrated Fe-sulfates
Karly M. Pitman, Eldar Z. Noe Dobrea, Corey S. Jamieson, James B. Dalton III, William J. Abbey and Emily C.S. Joseph
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Spectral and thermal properties of perchlorate salts and implications for Mars
Janice L. Bishop, Richard Quinn and M. Darby Dyar
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Multivariate analysis of Raman spectra for the identification of sulfates: Implications for ExoMars
Guillermo Lopez-Reyes, Pablo Sobron, Catherine Lefebvre and Fernando Rull
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Synthesis and characterization of the Mars-relevant phosphate minerals Fe- and Mg-whitlockite and merrillite and a possible mechanism that maintains charge balance during whitlockite to merrillite transformation
Christopher T. Adcock, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, Paul M. Forster, Oliver Tschauner and Kirellos J. Sefein
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Stability and spectroscopy of Mg sulfate minerals: Role of hydration on sulfur isotope partitioning
Ema Bobocioiu and Razvan Caracas
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Dissolution rates of amorphous Al- and Fe-phosphates and their relevance to phosphate mobility on Mars
Valerie M. Tu, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, Oliver Tschauner, Valentin Iota and Gerald W. Egeland
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Natural Fe-bearing oxides and sulfates from the Rio Tinto Mars analog site: Critical assessment of VNIR reflectance spectroscopy, laser Raman spectroscopy, and XRD as mineral identification tools
Pablo Sobron, Janice L. Bishop, David F. Blake, Bin Chen and Fernando Rull
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Detection of iron substitution in natroalunite-natrojarosite solid solutions and potential implications for Mars
Thomas M. McCollom, Bethany L. Ehlmann, Alian Wang, Brian M. Hynek, Bruce Moskowitz and Thelma S. Berquó
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A temperature-controlled sample stage for in situ micro-X-ray diffraction: Application to Mars analog mirabilite-bearing perennial cold spring precipitate mineralogy
Michael S. Bramble, Roberta L. Flemming, Jeffrey L. Hutter, Melissa M. Battler, Gordon R. Osinski and Neil R. Banerjee
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Mössbauer parameters of iron in phosphate minerals: Implications for interpretation of martian data
M. Darby Dyar, Erica R. Jawin, Elly Breves, Gerard Marchand, Melissa Nelms, Melissa D. Lane, Stanley A. Mertzman, David L. Bish and Janice L. Bishop
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Alteration of Hawaiian basalts under sulfur-rich conditions: Applications to understanding surface-atmosphere interactions on Mars and Venus
Molly C. McCanta, M. Darby Dyar and Allan H. Treiman
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Sulfate-bearing deposits at Dalangtan Playa and their implication for the formation and preservation of martian salts
W.G. Kong, M.P. Zheng, F.J. Kong and W.X. Chen
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