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American Mineralogist: Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials

Published Papers: FLUIDS IN THE CRUST
Volume 102, 2017
Experimental tests on achieving equilibrium in synthetic fluid inclusions: Results for scheelite, molybdenite, and gold solubility at 800 °C and 200 MPa
Insa T. Derrey, Moritz Albrecht, Evgeniya Dupliy, Roman E. Botcharnikov, Ingo Horn, Malte Junge, Stefan Weyer, and François Holtz
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Volume 101, 2016
A new experimental approach to study fluid–rock equilibria at the slab-mantle interface based on the synthetic fluid inclusion technique
Alexandra Tsay, Zoltan Zajacz, Peter Ulmer, Markus Waelle, and Carmen Sanchez-Valle
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Fluids in the crust during regional metamorphism: Forty years in the Waterville limestone
John M. Ferry
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Volume 100, 2015
The mechanism of infiltration of metamorphic fluids recorded by hydration and carbonation of epidote-amphibolite facies metabasaltic sills in the SW Scottish Highlands
Barbara I. Kleine, Iain K. Pitcairn and Alasdair D.L. Skelton
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Chemical interactions between a sedimentary diapir and surrounding magma: Evidence from the Phepane Dome and Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Rachel H.P. Ireland and Sarah C. Penniston-Dorland
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The mobility of Nb in rutile-saturated NaCl- and NaF-bearing aqueous fluids from 1–6.5 GPa and 300–800°C
Elizabeth A. Tanis, Adam Simon, Oliver Tschauner, Paul Chow, Yuming Xiao, Pamela Burnley, Christopher J. Cline II, John M. Hanchar, Thomas Pettke, Guoyin Shen and Yusheng Zhao
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Experimental constraints on fluid-rock reactions during incipient serpentinization of harzburgite
Frieder Klein, Niya G. Grozeva, Jeffrey S. Seewald, Thomas M. McCollom, Susan E. Humphris, Bruce Moskowitz, Thelma S. Berquó and Wolf-Achim Kahl
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The chemical behavior of fluids released during deep subduction based on fluid inclusions
Maria Luce Frezzotti and Simona Ferrando
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In-situ measurements of fluorine and chlorine speciation and partitioning between melts and aqueous fluids in the Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system
Celia Dalou, Bjorn O. Mysen and Dionysis Foustoukos
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The structure of water-saturated carbonate melts
Dionysis I. Foustoukos and Bjorn O. Mysen
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Volume 99, 2014
Constraints on the mobilization of Zr in magmatic-hydrothermal processes in subduction zones from in situ fluid-melt partitioning experiments
Marion Louvel, Carmen Sanchez-Valle, Wim J. Malfait, Herve Cardon, Denis Testemale and Jean-Louis Hazemann
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Redox effects on calcite-portlandite-fluid equilibria at forearc conditions: Carbon mobility, methanogenesis, and reduction melting of calcite
Codi Lazar, Chi Zhang, Craig E. Manning and Bjorn O. Mysen
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