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American Mineralogist: Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials

Volume 103, 2018
Cesium adsorption isotherm on swelling high-charged micas from aqueous solutions: Effect of temperature
Francisco J. Osuna, Agustín Cota, Esperanza Pavón, M. Carolina Pazos, and María D. Alba
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Volume 102, 2017
Thermodynamic characterization of synthetic autunite
Ewa A. Dzik, Haylie L. Lobeck, Lei Zhang, and Peter C. Burns
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Radiation damage in sulfides: Radioactive galena from burning heaps, after coal mining in the Lower Silesian basin (Czech Republic)
Michal Čurda, Viktor Goliáš, Mariana Klementová, Ladislav Strnad, Zdeněk Matěj, and Radek Škoda
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Mobilization and agglomeration of uraninite nanoparticles: A nano-mineralogical study of samples from the Matoush Uranium ore deposit
Michael Schindler, Aaron J. Lussier, Jacob Bellrose, Sergei Rouvimov, Peter C. Burns, and T. Kurt Kyser
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Crystal structure of richetite revisited: Crystallographic evidence for the presence of pentavalent uranium
Jakub Plášil
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Cabvinite, Th2F7(OH)·3H2O, the first natural actinide halide
Paolo Orlandi, Cristian Biagioni, and Federica Zaccarini
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Uranium-bearing opals: Products of U-mobilization, diffusion, and transformation processes
Michael Schindler, Mostafa Fayek, Britanney Courchesne, Kurt Kyser, and Frank C. Hawthorne
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Thermodynamic investigation of uranyl vanadate minerals: Implications for structural stability
Tyler L. Spano, Ewa A. Dzik, Melika Sharifironizi, Megan K. Dustin, Madison Turner, and Peter C. Burns
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Volume 100, 2015
Uranium scavenging during mineral replacement reactions
Kan Li, Allan Pring, Barbara Etschmann, Edeltraud Macmillan, Yung Ngothai, Brian O’Neill, Anthony Hooker, Fred Mosselmans and Joël Brugger
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Compositional variation and timing of aluminum phosphate-sulfate minerals in the basement rocks along the P2 fault and in association with the McArthur River uranium deposit, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada
Erin E. Adlakha and Keiko Hattori
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222Rn and 220Rn emanations as a function of the absorbed α-doses from select metamict minerals
Dariusz Malczewski and Maria Dziurowicz
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Nuragheite, Th(MoO4)2·H2O, the second natural thorium molybdate and its relationships to ichnusaite and synthetic Th(MoO4)2
Paolo Orlandi, Cristian Biagioni, Luca Bindi and Stefano Merlino
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Volume 99, 2014
Quantification of α-particle radiation damage in zircon
Katie M. Smye, Clive Brigden, Eric R. Vance and Ian Farnan
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Ichnusaite, Th(MoO4)2·3H2O, the first natural thorium molybdate: Occurrence, description, and crystal structure
Paolo Orlandi, Cristian Biagioni, Luca Bindi and Fabrizio Nestola
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Crystal structure of lead uranyl carbonate mineral widenmannite: Precession electron-diffraction and synchrotron powder-diffraction study
Jakub Plášil, Lukáš Palatinus, Jan Rohlíček, 
Lenka Houdková, Mariana Klementová, Viktor Goliáš and Pavel Škácha
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Volume 98, 2013
Vorlanite, (CaU6+)O4, from Jabel Harmun, Palestinian Autonomy, Israel
Evgeny V. Galuskin, Joachim Kusz, Thomas Armbruster, Irina O. Galuskina, Katarzyna Marzec, Yevgeny Vapnik and Mikhail Murashko
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Further investigation of the initial fission-track length and geometry factor in apatite fission-track thermochronology
Cleber J. Soares, Sandro Guedes, Carlos A. Tello, Arnaldo L. Lixandrão Filho, Ana M. Osório, Igor Alencar, Airton N.C. Dias, and Julio Hadler
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Revision of the symmetry and the crystal structure of čejkaite, Na4(UO2)(CO3)3
Jakub Plášil, Karla Fejfarová, Michal Dušek, Radek Škoda, and Jan Rohlíček
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Remobilization of U and REE and the formation of secondary minerals in oxidized U deposits
Susanne Göb, Jan-Erik Gühring, Michael Bau, and Gregor Markl
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Evidence for nanocrystals of vorlanite, a rare uranate mineral, in the Nopal I low-temperature uranium deposit (Sierra Peña Blanca, Mexico)
Guillaume Othmane, Thierry Allard, Nicolas Menguy, Guillaume Morin, Imène Esteve, Mostafa Fayek, and Georges Calas
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Chemistry and radiation effects of davidite
Gregory R. Lumpkin, Mark G. Blackford, and Michael Colella
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Volume 97, 2012
Petrography and geochronology of the Pele Mountain quartz-pebble conglomerate uranium deposit, Elliot Lake District, Canada
Laura Bergen and Mostafa Fayek
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Thermally induced transformation of vorlanite to “protovorlanite”: Restoration of cation ordering in self-irradiated CaUO4
Evgeny V. Galuskin, Irina O. Galuskina, Leonid S. Dubrovinsky, and Janusz Janeczek
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