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Front Cover of Mineralogical Society of America Special Paper Number One: International Mineralogical Association Papers and Proceedings of the Third General Meeting, Washington, D.C., April 17-20, 1962

Mineralogical Society of America Special Paper Number One: International Mineralogical Association Papers and Proceedings of the Third General Meeting, Washington, D.C., April 17-20, 1962

D. Jerome Fisher Alfred J. Frueh, Jr. C. S. Hurlbut, Jr. C. E. Tilley (Editors) And E. Wm. Heinrich (Co-Ordinating Editor), 1963, i-viii + 332 Pages.

After previous meetings in Zuerich in 1959 and in Copenhagen in 1960, the Third General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association was held in Washington, D. C., April 17-20, 1962, sponsored by the Mineralogical Society of America, and supported financially by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation.

The scientific program was arranged by D. Jerome Fisher, A. J. Frueh, Jr., and C. E. Tilley, and the sessions were held at the United States National Museum, Smithsonian Institution. The chairmen for each of the three sessions were C. E. Tilley, Symposium on Layered Intrusions (April 18), C. S. Hurlbut, Jr., General Session (April 19), and A. J. Frueh, Jr., Symposium on the Mineralogy of the Sulfides (April 20). These three individuals also served as editors of the papers of their sessions. The publication of the papers and proceedings of the Third General Meeting has been made possible by the financial support of the National Science Foundation and is here gratefully acknowledged.

The Association is also appreciative of the work of E. Wm. Heinrich, Editor of the American Mineralogist, who served as Co-ordinating Editor of this volume, and of Marjorie Hooker, Treasurer of the Mineralogical Society of America, who administered the National Science Foundation grants in support of the meeting and of this publication.

International Mineralogical Association Papers and Proceedings of the Third General Meeting, Washington, D.C., April 17-20, 1962

Title Page & Copyright
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Table of Contents
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The mechanism of ad cumulus growth in the layered series of the Skaergaard intrusion
L. R. Wager, pp. 1-9.
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Contrasted styles of igneous layering in the Gardar Province of south Greenland
J. Ferguson and T. C. R. Pulvertaft, pp. 10-21.
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Structural and petrographic observations on layered granites from southern Greenland
C. H. Emeleus, pp. 22-29.
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The Muskox intrusion, a recently discovered layered intrusion in the Coppermine River area, Northwest Territories, Canada
Charles H. Smith and H. E. Kapp, pp. 30-35.
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Origin of the ultramafic complex at Duke Island, southeastern Alaska
T. N. Irvine, pp. 26-45.
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Stratigraphic and lateral variation of chromite composition in the Still water Complex
Everett D. Jackson, pp. 46-54.
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Flow-layering in alpine peridotite-gabbro complexes
T. P. Thayer, pp. 55-61.
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Noritic anorthosite bodies in the Sierra Nevada batholith
Alden A. Loomis, pp. 62-68.
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Layered picrite-anorthositic gabbro sheet, West Humboldt Range, Nevada
Robert C. Speed, pp. 69-77.
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Layered pegmatite-aplite intrusives
Richard H. Jahns and O. Frank Tuttle, pp. 78-92.
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Structure and rock sequences of the Critical Zone of the eastern Bushveld Complex
Eugene N. Cameron, pp. 93-107.
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The Kapalagulu layered intrusion of western Tanganyika
W. J. Wadsworth, pp. 108-115.
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A layered complex in Sittampundi, Madras State, India
P. R. J. Naidu, pp. 116-123.
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Layered intrusions in the Ferrar dolerites, Antarctica
Bernard M. Gunn, pp. 124-133.
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Layered basic intrusive rocks of the Wichita Mountains, S.W. Oklahoma (abs.)
H. E. Hunter, p. 134.
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Internal structure of a differentiated teschenite intrusion, Prospect Hill, New South Wales (abs.)
H. G. Wilshire, p. 134.
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The physical properties of semiconducting sulfides, selenides and tellurides
Wayne W. Scanlon, pp. 135-143.
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Various aspects of atomic displacements in metallic sulfides
Jean Prouvost, pp. 144-148.
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Etude structurale de quelques sulfures de plomb et d'arsenic naturels du gisement de Binn
M-Th. Le Bihan, pp. 149-152.
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On the transition of bornite
N obuo Morimoto, pp. 153-156.
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On the superstructure and twinning of pyrrhotite
Bernhardt J. Wuensch, pp. 157-163.
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The crystal structure of chalcocite, Cu2S
Bernhardt J. Wuensch and M. J. Buerger, pp. 164-170.
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Equilibrium in ore deposits
Paul B. Barton, Jr., Philip M. Bethke and Priestley Toulmin, 3rd, pp. 171-185.
  Download (14.8 MB)

A study of distorted pyrite crystals from Spain
M. Foni-Altaba, pp. 186-189.
  Download (3.9 MB)

A statistical study of bravoite zoning
Farouk El Baz and G. C. Amstutz, pp. 190-197.
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Sulfur isotope mineralogy of sulfides (abs.)
Mead Leroy Jensen, p. 198.
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Thermodynamic study of pyrrhotite and pyrite (abs.)
Priestley Toulmin, 3rd and Paul B. Barton, Jr., pp. 198-199.
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The role of oriented transformations in mineralogy
L. S. Dent Glasser, F. P. Glasser and H. F. W. Taylor, pp. 200-203.
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Effects of the changes in slope occurring on liquidus and solidus paths in the system diopside-anorthite-albite
Peter J. Wyllie, pp. 204-212.
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Cell parameters of orthopyroxenes
R. A. Howie, pp. 213-222.
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Sur les constituants phosphates des minerais de fer oolithiques de France
S. Caillere and F. Kraut, pp. 223-226.
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Trends and affinities of basaltic magmas and pyroxenes as illustrated on the diopside-olivine-silica diagram
D. S. Coombs, pp. 227-250.
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Crystallization of leucite-nepheline-sanidine in basic differentiates from a peridotite-dunite mass in Salem, Madras State, India
P. R. J. Naidu, pp. 251-257.
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Studies of crystal surfaces
Ichiro Sunagawa, pp. 258-266.
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Clinoamphibole regression studies. 1. Regressions of optical properties and density on composition
Horace Winchell, pp. 267-277.
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Contribution to the study of the fluorite deposit "Mina Berta" in San Cugat del Valles (Barcelona, Spain)
J. Montoriol Pous, A. San Miguel and M. Font-Altaba, pp. 278-280.
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Structural classification of zeolites
J. V. Smith, pp. 281-290.
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The crystal structure of dachiardite
G. Gottardi and W. M. Meier, pp. 291-292.
  Download (1.4 MB)

Comparison of the crystal structures of wollastonite and pectolite
C. T. Prewitt and M. J. Buerger, pp. 293-302.
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Interpretation of systematic extra-extinctions
N. Morimoto, F. Maruma and R. Sadanaga, pp. 303-304.
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Spiroffite, a new tellurite mineral from Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
J. A. Mandarino, S. J. Williams and R. S. Mitchell, pp. 305-309.
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The crystal structure of pseudo malachite (abs.)
Subrata Ghose, p. 310
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Light extinction and scattering by suspensions of finely-divided minerals (abs.)
J. R. Hodkinson, p. 310
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Accurate determination of olivine composition using standard small-diameter x-ray powder cameras (abs.)
J. L. Jambor and Charles H. Smith, pp. 310-311
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Infrared study of sulfate minerals (abs.)
Keiichi Omori and Paul F. Kerr, p. 311.
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Study of translucent tiny grains using the interference microscope (abs.)
Horst Piller, pp. 311-312.
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Studies of rock-forming micas (abs.)
J. Rimsaite, p. 312
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The composition of quartz-forming fluids in nature (abs.)
Edwin Roedder, pp. 312-313.
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The crystal structures and crystal chemistry of various members of the metatorbernite group (abs.)
Malcolm Ross and Howard T. Evans, Jr., p. 313.
  Download (4.3 MB)

The significance of sapphirine in the granulite terrains of Western Australia (abs.)
Allan F. Wilson, pp. 313-314.
  Download (4.3 MB)

Iron-feldspar polymorphs in the system K20-FeO-Fe203-Si02-H20 (abs.)
David R. Wones and Daniel E. Appleman, p. 314
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PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL MINERALOGICAL ASSOCIATION, Third General Business Meeting of Delegates, Washington, D.C., April 18 and 20, 1962, pp. 315-326.
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pp. 327-332.
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