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Journal of the Mineralogical Society of America

Volume 81       July-August 1996


J.D. Kubicki, G.A. Blake, and S.E. Apitz
Ab initio calculations on aluminosilicate Q3 species: Implications for atomic structures of mineral surfaces and dissolution mechanisms of feldspars   789
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I. Tsatskis and E.K.H. Salje
Time evolution of pericline twin domains in alkali feldspars: A computer simulation study    800
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Tullio Pilati, Francesco Demartin, and Carlo Maria Gramaccioli
Lattice-dynamical evaluation of atomic displacement parameters of minerals and its implications: The example of diopside    811
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D. Andrault, J.-P. Itié, and F. Farges
High-temperature structural study of germanate perovskites and pyroxenoids    822
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Paola Comodi and Pier Francesco Zanazzi
Effects of temperature and pressure on the structure of lawsonite    833
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M. Chiara Domeneghetti, Vittorio Tazzoli, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, and G. Mario Molin
Orthopyroxene from the Serra de Magé meteorite: A structure-refinement procedure for a Pbca phase coexisting with a C2/c exsolved phase    842
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Paul F. Schofield, Kevin S. Knight, and Iona C. Stretton
Thermal expansion of gypsum investigated by neutron powder diffraction    847
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Victor A. Drits and Douglas K. McCarty
The nature of diffraction effects from illite and illite-smectite consisting of interstratified trans-vacant and cis-vacant 2:1 layers: A semiquantitative technique for determination of layer-type content    852
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Anne Sery, Alain Manceau, and G. Neville Greaves
Chemical state of Cd in apatite phosphate ores as determined by EXAFS spectroscopy    864
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P. Bonazzi, S. Menchetti, G. Pratesi, M. Muniz-Miranda, and G. Sbrana
Light-induced variations in realgar and β-As4S4: X-ray diffraction and Raman studies    874
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Lian-Kun Sha and Bruce W. Chappell
Two-site multi-cation ordering-disordering in minerals: An alternative kinetic model    881
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Christelle Demars, Maurice Pagel, Etienne Deloule, and Philippe Blanc
Cathodoluminescence of quartz from sandstones: Interpretation of the UV range by determination of trace element distributions and fluid-inclusion P-T-X properties in authigenic quartz    891
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Brigitte Wopenka, Bradley L. Jolliff, Ernst Zinner, and Daniel T. Kremser
Trace element zoning and incipient metamictization in a lunar zircon: Application of three microprobe techniques    902
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AMMIAY 81(7-8)789-1020 ISSN 0003-004X


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Maria Franca Brigatti, Luca Medici, Emilio Saccani, and Carmela Vaccaro
Crystal chemistry and petrologic significance of Fe3+-rich phlogopite from the Tapira carbonatite complex, Brazil    913
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Ulrich Klein, John C. Schumacher, and Michael Czank
Mutual exsolution in hornblende and cummingtonite: Compositions, lamellar orientations, and exsolution temperatures    928
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Marty Grove and T. Mark Harrison
40Ar* diffusion in Fe-rich biotite    940
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J. William Carey and David L. Bish
Equilibrium in the clinoptilolite-H2O system    952
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Sukanya Mukhopadhyay and K.T. Jacob
Phase equilibria in the system CaO-CoO-SiO2 and Gibbs energies of formation of the quaternary oxides CaCoSi2O6, Ca2CoSi2O7, and CaCoSiO4    963
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Svein Stølen, Ronny Glöckner, Fredrik Grønvold, Tooru Atake, and Satoru Izumisawa
Heat capacity and thermodynamic properties of nearly stoichiometric wüstite from 13 to 450 K    973
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Kéiko Hattori and Hiroaki Sato
Magma evolution recorded in plagioclase zoning in 1991 Pinatubo eruption products    982
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Frank C. Hawthorne, Roberta Oberti, Luciano Ungaretti, and Joel D. Grice
A new hyper-calcic amphibole with Ca at the A site: Fluor-cannilloite from Pargas, Finland    995
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P. Ballirano, A. Maras, and P.R. Buseck
Crystal chemistry and IR spectroscopy of Cl- and SO4-bearing cancrinite-like minerals    1003
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John L. Jambor, Vladimir A. Kovalenker, and Andrew C. Roberts
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MEMORIAL    1018

Cornelius S. Hurlbut Jr. and James B. Thompson Jr.
Memorial of Harold Williams Fairbairn, 1906-1994
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Patricia A. Maurice
MINERAL SURFACES. Edited by D.J. Vaughan and R.A.D. Pattrick. Chapman and Hall, London, 1995. viii + 370 pages.
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