Deposit Items for Volume 81, No. 7-8, July-August, 1996

Maria Franca Brigatti, Luca Medici, Emilio Saccani, and Carmela Vaccaro
Crystal chemistry and petrological significance of Fe3+-rich phlogopites from the Tapira Carbonatite Complex, Brazil   913

Item #AM-96-619

Table 5. Final atomic fractional coordinates and equivalent isotropic and anisotropic thermal factors.
Saccani_p913_96_Table5.pdf (40 K)

Table 7. Selected bond lengths
Saccani_p913_96_Table7.pdf (24 K)

Table 9. Observed and calculated structure factors
Saccani_p913_96_Table9.txt (252 K)

Frank C. Hawthorne, Roberta Oberti, Luciano Ungaretti, and Joel D. Grice
A new hyper-calcic amphibole with Ca at the A site: Fluor-cannilloite from Pargas, Finland    995

Item #AM-96-620

Table 5a. Atomic coordinates and anisotropic dispacement factors
Hawthorne_p995_96_Table5a.txt (8 K)

Table 5b. Observed (Fo) and calculated (Fc) structure factors.
Hawthorne_p995_96_Table5b.txt (148 K)

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