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Front Cover of Mineralogical Society of America Special Paper Number Two: Pyroxenes and Amphiboles: Crystal Chemistry and Phase Petrology

Mineralogical Society of America Special Paper Number Two: Pyroxenes and Amphiboles: Crystal Chemistry and Phase Petrology

J. J. Papike (Editor) And Francis R. Boyd, Joan R. Clark, And W. G. Ernst (Associate Editors), William T. Holser (Coordinating Editor), 1969, i-viii + 332 Pages.

The pyroxene and amphibole mineral groups have been the focal points of numerous experimental, theoretical, and field-oriented studies in recent years. Many exciting new results have been obtained since the 1966 International Mineralogical Association Symposium on Pyroxenes and Amphiboles held at the University of Cambridge, England. During September 7-11, 1969, another pyroxene-amphibole symposium will be held at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia. Pyroxenes and Amphiboles: Crystal Chemistry and Phase Petrology is published to coincide with this symposium and is intended to make generally available some of the current research in this field. Formal papers given at the symposium will include new research results not currently at the manuscript stage, and abstracts for these papers will be published in the January-February, 1970, issue of The American Mineralogist.

J. J. Papike
May 1969

Pyroxenes and Amphiboles: Crystal Chemistry and Phase Petrology

Title Page & Copyright & Dedication
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Table of Contents
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PART I: Crystal Chemistry and Intracrystalline Cation Distributions

Section title page, p. 1-2    Download (184 KB)

Crystal structure and stability of the MgSi03 polymorphs; physical properties and phase relations of Mg, Fe pyroxenes
J. V. Smith, pp. 3-30.
  Download (29.1 MB)

Crystal-chemical characterization of clinopyroxenes based on eight new structure refinements
Joan R. Clark, Daniel E. Appleman and J. J. Papike, pp. 31-50.
  Download (19.9 MB)

Determination of the distribution of trace amounts of Mn2+ in diopsides by electron paramagnetic resonance
Subrata Ghose and Peter Schindler, pp. 51-58.
  Download (5.8 MB)

Mossbauer spectra of omphacites
G. Michael Bancroft, Paul G. L. Williams and Eric J. Essene, pp. 56-66.
  Download (6.1 MB)

Fe2+, Mg order-disorder in heated orthopyroxenes
David Virgo and Stefan S. Hafner, pp. 67-82.
  Download (15.3 MB)

Kinetics and thermodynamics of intracrystalline distributions
Robert F. Mueller, pp. 83-94.
  Download (11 MB)

The crystal structure and cation distribution of a grunerite
Larry W. Finger, pp. 95-100.
  Download (5.4 MB)

Joesmithite: Crystal structure of protoamphibole
G. V. Gibbs, pp. 101-109.
  Download (9.8 MB)

Joesmithite: A novel amphibole crystal chemistry
Paul B. Moore, pp. 111-116.
  Download (5.2 MB)

Crystal-chemical characterization of clinoamphiboles based on five new structure refinements
J. J. Papike, Malcolm Ross and Joan R. Clark, pp. 117-136.
  Download (19.5 MB)

Mossbauer and absorption spectral study of alkali amphiboles
G. Michael Bancroft and Roger G. Burns, pp. 137-150.
  Download (11.1 MB)

PART II: Phase Petrology and Intercrystalline Cation Distributions

Section title page, p. 149-150.  Download (150 KB)

Melting relationships of jadeite and albite to 45 kilobars with comments on melting diagrams of binary systems at high pressures
Peter M. Bell and Eugene H. Roseboom, Jr., pp. 151-162.
  Download (10.7 MB)

Synthesis and stability of ferri-diopside
H. G. Huckenholz, J. Frank Schairer and H. S. Yoder, Jr., pp. 163-178.
  Download (13.1 MB)

Clinopyroxene solid solutions formed by reactions between diopside and plagioclase at high pressures
I. Kushiro, pp. 179-192.
  Download (13.2 MB)

Conditions of the ferrowollastonite-ferrohedenbergite inversion in the Skaergaard Intrusion, East Greenland
D. H. Lindsley, C. Malcolm Brown and I. D. Muir, pp. 193-202.
  Download (10.2 MB)

Stability relations of LiAlSi2O6 at high pressures
James L. Munoz, p. 203-210.
  Download (7 MB)

Electron probe study of pyroxene exsolution
Francis R. Boyd and C. Malcolm Brown, p. 211-216.
  Download (5.3 MB)

Metamorphic pyroxenes and amphiboles in the Biwabik Iron Formation, Dunka River Area, Minnesota
Bill Bonnichsen, pp. 217-240.
  Download (13.3 MB)

Coexisting sodic amphiboles and sodic pyroxenes from blueschist facies metamorphic rocks
Hitoshi Onuki and W. C. Ernst, pp. 241-250.
  Download (9 MB)

Chemographic exploration of amphibole assemblages from central Massachusetts and southwestern New Hampshire
Peter Robinson and Howard W. Jaffe, pp. 251-274.
  Download (19.1 MB)

Exsolution textures in amphiboles as indicators of sub solidus thermal histories
Malcolm Ross, J. J. Papike and K. Wier Shaw, pp. 275-300.
  Download (33.7 MB)

Index of Authors, Subjects, Authors Cited
pp. 301-314.
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