Deposit Items for Volume 94, No. 04, April 2009

Joel A. Hurowitz, Nicholas J. Tosca, and M. Darby Dyar
Acid production by FeSO4·nH2O dissolution and implications for terrestrial and martian aquatic systems   409

Item #AM-09-013

React modeling scripts, including input files, and initial and final system states from model output.
Hurowitz_p409_09.doc Microsoft Word (116 k)

Atsushi Kyono
Molecular conformation and anion configuration variations for As4S4 and As4Se4 in an anion-substituted solid solution   451

Item #AM-09-019

Table 2. Lattice parameters, details of X-ray data collections, and agreement parameters in the As4S4-xSex solid solution series
Kyono_p451_09_T2.xls Microsoft Excel (52 k)
Table 3. Atomic fractional coordinates, site occupancy factor, and atomic displacement parameters
Kyono_p451_09_T3.xls Microsoft Excel (144 k)

Fabrizio Nestola, Alessandro Guastoni, Fernando Cámara, Luciano Secco, Alberto Dal Negro, Danilo Pedron, and Anton Beran
Aluminocerite-Ce: A new species from Baveno,Italy: Description and crystal-structure determination   487

Item #AM-09-018

Observed and calculated structure factors
Nestola_p487_09.txt Text (1.5 MB)
aluminocerite-(Ce) CIF file
aluminocerite-(Ce).cif Crystallographic Information File (28 K)

Rebecca A. Lange, Holli M. Frey, and Jacob Hector
A thermodynamic model for the plagioclase-liquid hygrometer/thermometer   494

Item #AM-09-017

Appendices A. A table of plagioclase-liquid experiments used for calibration of hygrometer/thermometer
Lange_p494_09_A.pdf PDF (104 K)
Appendices B. Information on how to use the plagioclase-liquid hygrometer/thermometer
Lange_p494_09_B.pdf PDF (260 k)
Lange_p494_09_B.doc Microsoft Word (64 k)
Visual Basic program running plagioclase-liquid hygrometer/thermometer in Excel 2004
Lange_p494_09_VBProgram.xls Excel (108 k)

Cristiana Liana Ciobanu, Allan Pring, Nigel John Cook, Peter Self, David Jefferson, Gabriel Ionel Dima, and Volodymir Melnikov
Chemical-structural modularity in the tetradymite group: A HRTEM study   517

Item #AM-09-012

Appendix 9 Tables
Ciobanu_p517_09_A.doc Microsoft Word (200 K)
Appendix B, information about the MSCG for the simulation program
Ciobanu_p517_09_B.doc Microsoft Word (104 k)
C++ Code for simulation program
Ciobanu_p517_09_code.cpp C++ Source Code (8 k)

Philippe Vieillard and Romain Mathieu
A predictive model for the enthalpies of hydration of zeolites   565

Item #AM-09-014

Table 1. Chemical formulae, Al/Si and Al/H2O ratios, and measured enthalpies of hydration of zeolites
Vieillard_p565_09_T1.doc Microsoft Word (256 k)
Table 3: Unit-cell volumes, ΔHO= Site A, framework density, water porosity, and measured enthalpies of hydration of zeolites
Vieillard_p565_09_T3.doc Microsoft Word (316 k)
Table 11. Comparison of the experimental enthalpies of hydration with predicted enthalpies of hydration from Eq. N°11 in Table 9 for all zeolites
Vieillard_p565_09_T11.doc Microsoft Word (240 k)

Luca Bindi, Frank N. Keutsch, Carl A. Francis, and Silvio Menchetti
Fettelite, [Ag6As2S7][Ag10HgAs2S8] from Chañarcillo, Chile: Crystal structure, pseudosymmetry, twinning, and revised chemical formula   609

Item #AM-09-015

Table 4. Anisotropic displacement parameters of the atoms for fettelite
Bindi_p609_09_T4.doc Microsoft Word (308 k)
Table 5. List of observed and calculated structure factors for fettelite
Bindi_p609_09_T5.txt Plain Text (296 k)
Crystallographic Information File for fettelite
fettelite.cif Crystallographic Information File (20 K)

Fabrizio Nestola, Günther J. Redhammer, Martha G. Pamato, Luciano Secco, and Alberto Dal Negro
High-pressure phase transformation in LiFeGe2O6 pyroxene   616

Item #AM-09-016

Crystallographic Information File for LiFeGe2O6 pyroxene
LiFeGe2O6.cif Crystallographic Information File (20 K)

Hongwei Ma, David L. Bish, Hsiu-Wen Wang, and Steve J. Chipera
Determination of the crystal structure of sanderite, MgSO4·2H2O, by X-ray powder diffraction and the charge flipping method   622

Item #AM-09-020

Appendix 1. Selected bond lengths (Å) and angles(°) for sanderite.
Ma_p622_09_A1.doc Microsoft Word (52 k)
Instead of a CIF, there is a Bond Valence Calculation. We apologize for any confusion.
Bond Valence Calculation for Sanderite, Kieserite, Starkyite, Pentahydrite, Hexahydrite, and Episomite. O of H2O molecules are not included.
Ma_p622_09_BVC.txt text (12 k)

Hexiong Yang, Jürgen Konzett, Robert T. Downs, and Daniel J. Frost
Crystal structure and Raman spectrum of a high-pressure Li-rich majoritic garnet, (Li2Mg)Si2(SiO4)3   630

Item #AM-09-022

Figure 2. Raman spectra of Li-rich majoritic garnet and pyrope
Table 2. Atomic coordinates and displacement parameters in Li-bearing majoritic garnet
Yang_p630_09.pdf PDF (960 K)
h,k,l, Fc-squared, Fo-squared, sigma(Fo-squared) and status flag
Yang_p630_09_ligt.fcf txt (960 K)
Li-rich garnet CIF file
Li2MgO12Si5.cif Crystallographic Information File (28 K)

Charles A. Geiger and Edgar Dachs
Quasi-ice-like CP behavior of molecular H2O in hemimorphite Zn4Si2O7(OH)2·H2O: CP and entropy of confined H2O in microporous silicates   630

Item #AM-09-021, Figure 1, Tables 1a, 1b, and 2.

Figure 1. Powder X-ray diagrams for natural and heat-treated hemimorphite.
Geiger_p634_09_F1.pdf PDF (92 K)
Table 1a. Raw experimental molar heat capacities, CP, of hemimorphite. M = 481.833 g mol–1.
Table 1b. Raw experimental molar heat capacities, CP, of dehydrated hemimorphite. M = 463.818 g mol–1.
Table 2. Fitted CP values for hemimorphite and dehydrated hemimorphite using equation (1) and the difference between the two (i.e., H2O in hemimorphite).
Geiger_p634_09_T.doc Microsoft Word (496 k)

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