Deposit Items for Volume 95, No. 04, April 2010

Fernando Cámara, Fabio Bellatreccia, Giancarlo Della Ventura, Annibale Mottana, Luca Bindi, Mickey E. Gunter, and Marco Sebastiani
Fantappièite, a new mineral of the cancrinite-sodalite group with a 33-layer stacking sequence: Occurrence and crystal structure   472

Item #AM-10-017

Table 5. Final coordinates and displacement parameters for fantappièite, Table 6. Anisotropic displacement parameters (Å2 × 103) for fantappièite
Camara_p472_10_Tables5_6.doc Microsoft Word File (536 KB)
Table 6. Anisotropic displacement parameters (Å2x 103) for fantappièite.
Camara_p472_10_Table6.doc Microsoft Word File (32 KB)
Table 7. Observed and calculated structure factors for fantappièite (Mislabeled Table 5)
Camara_p472_10_Table7.pdf PDF (64 KB)
Crystallographic Information File
fantappieite.cif (184 KB)

G. Diego Gatta, Volker Kahlenberg, Reinhard Kaindl, Nicola Rotiroti, Piergiulio Cappelletti, and Maurizio de’ Gennaro
Crystal structure and low-temperature behavior of “disordered” thomsonite   495

Item #AM-10-022

Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
disordered_thomsonite.cif (20 KB)
Table 4. Positional and displacement atomic parameters, bond-distances and -angles for the refinements at 248.0, 198.0, 148.0, and 296.0 K (after the low-T experiments).
DiegoGatta_p495_10_table4.doc Microsoft Word File (112 KB)

Ferdinando Bosi, Tonči Balić-Žunić, and Adel A. Surour
Crystal structure analyses of four tourmaline specimens from the Cleopatra’s Mines (Egypt) and Jabal Zalm (Saudi Arabia), and the role of Al in the tourmaline group   510

Item #AM-10-023

Table 3. Relevant bond lengths (Å) and Table 4. Anisotropic displacement parameters for non-hydrogen atoms
Bosi_p510_10_Tables3-4.doc Microsoft Word File (196 KB)

Jennifer A. Armstrong, Henrik Friis, Alexandra Lieb, Adrian A. Finch, and Mark T. Weller
Combined single-crystal X-ray and neutron powder diffraction structure analysis exemplified through full structure determinations of framework and layer beryllate minerals   519

Item #AM-10-013

Crystallographic Information Files (CIF)
Epididymite.cif cif (744 KB)
Eudidymite.cif cif (632 KB)
Leifite.cif cif (184 KB)
Nabesite.cif cif (1 MB)
Semenovite.cif cif (164 KB)
Sorensenite.cif cif (168 KB)

Stephen Moss, James Kelly Russell, Barbara H. Scott Smith, and Richard Curtis Brett
Olivine crystal size distributions in kimberlite   527

Item #AM-10-014

Appendix 1: Methods
Moss_p527_10_Append1.pdf PDF (272 KB)
Appendix 2
Moss_p527_10_Append2.xls Microsoft Excel (3.8 MB)
Table A1: Summary of 2D olivine* crystal data in thin sections (12.5x25mm) of coherent kimberlite
Moss_p527_10_Table_A1.xls Microsoft Excel (28 KB)
Table A2: Summary of 2D olivine* crystal data in slabs (47x77mm) of coherent kimberlite
Moss_p527_10_Table_A2.xls Microsoft Excel (28 KB)
Table A3: Comparison of modal abundance (%) of olivine obtained from different scales of observation and by different methods
Moss_p527_10_Table_A3.xls Microsoft Excel (28 KB)

G. Ottonello, B. Civalleri, J. Ganguly, W.F. Perger, D. Belmonte, and M. Vetuschi Zuccolini
Thermo-chemical and thermo-physical properties of the high-pressure phase anhydrous B (Mg14Si5O24): An ab-initio all-electron investigation   563

Item #AM-10-015

Appendix I. Computational details on the adopted all-electron LCAO DFT/B3LYP procedure
Ottonello_p563_10_Append1.doc Microsoft Word (52 KB)
Ottonello_p563_10_Append1.pdf PDF (120 KB)

Alla Arakcheeva, Luca Bindi, Philip Pattison, Nicolas Meisser, Gervais Chapuis, and Igor Pekov
The incommensurately modulated structures of natural natrite at 120 and 293 K from synchrotron X-ray data   574

Item #AM-10-018

Crystallographic Information Files (CIF)
Natrite1.cif cif (168 KB)
Natrite2.cif cif (224 KB)
Natrite3.cif cif (108 KB)

Ferdinando Bosi, Ulf Hålenius, and Henrik Skogby
Crystal chemistry of the MgAl2O4-MgMn2O4-MnMn2O4 system: Analysis of structural distortion in spinel- and hausmannite-type structures   602

Item #AM-10-019

Table 2. Anisotropic displacement parameters for atoms in the seven analyzed spinel-hausmannite crystals
Bosi_p602_10_Table2.doc Microsoft Word (76 KB)

Polina Gavrilenko, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, and Hans Keppler
The effect of Al and water on the compressibility of diopside   608

Item #AM-10-021

Crystallographic Information Files (CIF)
aldi976.cif cif (20 KB)
aldi2510.cif cif (16 KB)
di0.cif cif (20 KB)
di600.cif cif (16 KB)

Ian E. Grey, Ian C. Madsen, Stuart J. Mills, Frederic Hatert, Vanessa K. Peterson, and Timothy J. Bastow
A new type of cubic-stacked layer structure in anthoinite, AlWO3(OH)3   639

Item #AM-10-020

Crystallographic Information Files (CIF)
anthoinite.cif cif (20 KB)

Mark D. Welch and Wilson A. Crichton
Pressure-induced transformations in kaolinite   651

Item #AM-10-024

Table 1. Unit-cell parameters of kaolinites I, II, and III as a function of pressure
Welch_p651_10_Table1.pdf PDF (220 KB)

Sabrina Nazzareni, Paola Comodi, Luca Bindi, and Leonid Dubrovinsky
The crystal structure of gypsum-II determined by single-crystal synchrotron X-ray diffraction data   655

Item #AM-10-016

Table 4. List of the squared structure factors (calculated and observed)
Nazzareni_p655_10_Table4.pdf PDF (32 KB)
Crystallographic Information Files (CIF)
gypsum1.cif cif (12 KB)
gypsum2.cif cif (12 KB)

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