Deposit Items for Volume 91, No. 5-6, May-June, 2006

Vincent J. van Hinsberg, John C. Schumacher, Stuart Kearns, Paul R.D. Mason, and Gerhard Franz
Hourglass sector zoning in metamorphic tourmaline and resultant major and trace element fractionation   717

Item #AM-06-016

Supplementary Table. All EMP analyses reported in this study.
vanHinsberg_p717_06_Suppl.xls Microsoft Excel Document (260 K)

Patrick H.J. Mercier, Denis G. Rancourt, Guenther J. Redhammer, André E. Lalonde, Jean-Louis Robert, Rob G. Berman, and Hideomi Kodama
Upper limit of the tetrahedral rotation angle and factors affecting octahedral flattening in synthetic and natural 1M polytype C2/m space group micas   831

Item #AM-06-020

Appendix Table A.
Mercier_p831_06_Appendix.doc Microsoft Word Document (1.9 MB)

Edwin Gnos and Thomas Armbruster
Relationship among metamorphic grade, vesuvianite "rod polytypism," and vesuvianite composition   862

Item #AM-06-017

Table 3. Data on vesuvianites used in this study
Table 4. Chemical analyses (mean and standard deviation) of studied vesuvianites
Gnos_p862_06_T3-4.doc Microsoft Word Document (320 K)

Edgar Dachs and Charles A. Geiger
Heat capacities and entropies of mixing of pyrope-grossular (Mg3Al2Si3O12-Ca3Al2Si3O12) garnet solid solutions: A low-temperature calorimetric and a thermodynamic investigation   894

Item #AM-05-021

Dachs_p894_06_Appendix.doc Microsoft Word Document (872 K)

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