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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist - October 2014 Data

1821 Visible-infrared spectral properties of iron-bearing aluminate spinel under lunar-like redox conditions
Colin R.M. Jackson, Leah C. Cheek, Kelsey B. Williams, Kerri Donaldson Hanna, Carle M. Pieters, Stephen W. Parman, Reid F. Cooper, M. Darby Dyar, Melissa Nelms and Mark R. Salvatore
Item #AM-14-1004

Supplemental Table. zipped (156 KB)

1849 Spinel-rich lithologies in the lunar highland crust: Linking lunar samples with crystallization experiments and remote sensing
Juliane Gross, Peter J. Isaacson, Allan H. Treiman, Loan Le and Julia K. Gorman
Item #AM-14-1006

Supplemental Material. zipped (1.2 MB)

1860 Phosphate-halogen metasomatism of lunar granulite 79215: Impact-induced fractionation of volatiles and incompatible elements
Allan H. Treiman, Jeremy W. Boyce, Juliane Gross, Yunbin Guan, John M. Eiler and Edward M. Stolper
Item #AM-14-1011

Deposits. zipped (735 KB)

1871 Reflectance spectroscopy of plagioclase-dominated mineral mixtures: Implications for characterizing lunar anorthosites remotely
Leah C. Cheek and Carle M. Pieters
Item #AM-14-1015

Appendices. zipped (2.4 MB)

1893 The distribution of Mg-spinel across the Moon and constraints on crustal origin
Carle M. Pieters, Kerri Donaldson Hanna, Leah Cheek, Deepak Dhingra, Tabb Prissel, Colin Jackson, Daniel Moriarty, Stephen Parman and Lawrence A. Taylor
Item #AM-14-1018

Supplemental Figures. zipped (3.5 MB)

1911 The occurrence and composition of chevkinite-(Ce) and perrierite-(Ce) in tholeiitic intrusive rocks and lunar mare basalt
Janet R. Muhling, Alexandra A. Suvorova and Birger Rasmussen
Item #AM-14-1003

Deposit. zipped (115 KB)

1956 Time-resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of the dehydration behavior of chalcophanite
Jeffrey E. Post and Peter J. Heaney
Item #AM-14-1012

CIF. zipped (6 KB)

1962 Ab initio investigations of dioctahedral interlayer-deficient mica: Modeling particles of illite found within gas shale
Dawn Geatches, Douglas McCarty and Jennifer Wilcox
Item #AM-14-1014

CIF. zipped (16 KB)

1973 Trona at extreme conditions: A pollutant-sequestering material at high pressures and low temperatures
Earl O’Bannon III, Christine M. Beavers and Quentin Williams
Item #AM-14-1010

CIF. zipped (231 KB)

1985 In-situ U-Th/Pb geochronology of (urano)thorite
John M. Cottle
Item #AM-14-1008

Deposit Tables 2–5. zipped (696 KB)

2031 Thermodynamic study of monoclinic pyrrhotite in equilibrium with pyrite in the Ag-Fe-S system by solid-state electrochemical cell technique
Dmitriy A. Chareev, Mikhail V. Voronin and Evgeniy G. Osadchii
Item #AM-14-1016

Appendix Table. zipped (503 KB)

2043 Crystal structure of Guinier-Preston zones in orthopyroxene: Z-contrast imaging and ab inito study
Huifang Xu, Zhizhang Shen, Hiromi Konishi and Gufeng Luo
Item #AM-14-1007

CIF. zipped (2 KB)

2049 Crystal chemistry and surface configurations of two polylithionite-1M crystals
Chiara Elmi, Maria Franca Brigatti, Stephen Guggenheim, Luca Pasquali, Monica Montecchi and Stefano Nannarone
Item #AM-14-1009

CIF. zipped (13 KB)

2060 Crystal chemistry of synthetic Ti-Mg-bearing hibonites: A single-crystal X-ray study
Mattia Giannini, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran and Falko Langenhorst
Item #AM-14-1002

CIF. zipped (5 KB)

2068 Mineralogy and crystal chemistry of Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu in a deep-sea Pacific polymetallic nodule
Alain Manceau, Martine Lanson and Yoshio Takahashi
Item #AM-14-1005

Supplementary Figures and Table. zipped (6.7 MB)

2084 Agakhanovite-(Y), ideally (YCa)2KBe3Si12O30, a new milarite-group mineral from the Heftetjern pegmatite, Tørdal, Southern Norway: Description and crystal structure
Frank C. Hawthorne, Yassir A. Abdu, Neil A. Ball, Petr Čern. and Roy Kristiansen
Item #AM-14-1013

Deposit and a CIF. zipped (21 KB)

2089 Ichnusaite, Th(MoO4)2·3H2O, the first natural thorium molybdate: Occurrence, description, and crystal structure
Paolo Orlandi, Cristian Biagioni, Luca Bindi and Fabrizio Nestola
Item #AM-14-1001

CIF. zipped (12 KB)

2138 Identification of hydrogen defects linked to boron substitution in synthetic forsterite and natural olivine
Jannick Ingrin, István Kovács, Etienne Deloule, Etienne Balan, Marc Blanchard, Simon C. Kohn and Joerg Hermann
Item #AM-14-1017

CIF. zipped (3 KB)

2142 Densified glasses as structural proxies for high-pressure melts: Configurational compressibility of silicate melts retained in quenched and decompressed glasses
Wim J. Malfait, Rita Seifert and Carmen Sanchez-Valle
Item #AM-14-1019

Appendix Table 1. zipped (661 KB)

2146 Geobarometry from host-inclusion systems: The role of elastic relaxation
Ross J. Angel, Mattia L. Mazzucchelli, Matteo Alvaro, Paolo Nimis and Fabrizio Nestola
Item #AM-14-1020

Appendix. zipped (531 KB)