Deposit Items for Volume 95, No. 11-12, November-December 2010

Sylvain Grangeon, Bruno Lanson, Naoyuki Miyata, Yukinori Tani, and Alain Manceau
Structure of nanocrystalline phyllomanganates produced by freshwater fungi   1608

Item #AM-10-054

Appendix Figures 1–4.
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Fangfu Zhang, Huifang Xu, Hiromi Konishi, and Eric E. Roden
A relationship between d104 value and composition in the calcite-disordered dolomite solid-solution series   1650

Item #AM-10-053

Appendix Tables 1–6.
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F. Scordari, M.D. Dyar, E. Schingaro, M. Lacalamita, and L. Ottolini
XRD, micro-XANES, EMPA, and SIMS investigation on phlogopite single crystals from Mt. Vulture (Italy)   1657

Item #AM-10-056

Figure 1
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Crystallographic Information Files
phlogopite_PG5_1.cif (44 KB)
phlogopite_VUT0001_2.cif (44 KB)

P.F. Zanazzi, F. Nestola, and D. Pasqual
Compressibility of protoamphibole: A high-pressure single-crystal diffraction study of protomangano-ferro-anthophyllite   1758

Item #AM-10-058

Table 4 Observed and calculated structure factors for protoamphibole
Zanazzi_p1758_10_Table4.pdf (80 KB)
Crystallographic Information Files
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Yu Ye, Joseph R. Smyth, Anwar Hushur, Murli H. Manghnani, Dayana Lonappan, Przemyslaw Dera, and Daniel J. Frost
Crystal structure of hydrous wadsleyite with 2.8% H2O and compressibility to 60 GPa   1765

Item #AM-10-055

Crystallographic Information Files
Ye_p1765_10_monoclinic.cif (24 KB)
Ye_p1765_10_orthorhombic.cif (20 KB)

Alberto Alberti, Ilaria Parodi, Giuseppe Cruciani, Maria Chiara Dalconi, and Annalisa Martucci
Dehydration and rehydration processes in gmelinite: An in situ X-ray single-crystal study   1773

Item #AM-10-059

Crystallographic Information Files
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S.A. Morse
A critical comment on Thy et al. (2009b): Liquidus temperatures of the Skaergaard magma   1817

Item #AM-10-057

Morse_p1817_10_Appendix.pdf (176 KB)

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