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     Mineralogy of Alabama (1982) R. B. Cook & W.R. Smith, Alabama Geological Survey Bulletin B120 285p

   Rocks and Minerals of Alabama : A Guidebook for Alabama Rockhounds (1966) Circular 38 Alabama Geological Survey 106p (reprinted 1999)

    Rocks & Minerals (1995) Vol(70) no 5 Mineral Locality Index


   Geology and Mineral Deposits of southeastern Alaska (1929) USGS Bull 800

    Mineralogical Record Prince of Wales Island, Alaska Vol(8) no 1 pp 4-12


     Mineralogy of Arizona (1995) J. W. Anthony, S.A. Williams, R. A. Bideaux, R. W. Grant University of Arizona Press NP12 508p

     Minerals of Arizona: a field guide for collectors (1999) N. R. Bearce Geoscience Press, Tucson

     Mineralogical Record (1980) Arizona I Vol(11) no 3 State Issue    

     Mineralogical Record (1980) Arizona II Vol(11) no 4 State Issue

     Mineralogical Record (1981) Arizona III - Bisbee Vol(12) no 5

     Mineralogical Record (1983) Arizona IV Vol(14) no 2 State Issue

     Mineralogical Record (1983) Arizona V Vol(14) no 5 State Issue

     Web Resources

    Mineralogical Society of Arizona


     Mineral Species of Arkansas: A Digest  (1987) J. M. Howard Arkansas Geological Commission Bull 23 184p

     Minerals of Arkansas : An Electronic Database  (1996) J. D. McFarland & J.M. Howard Arkansas Geological Commission CSS 1

     Collecting Arkansas Minerals - A Reference and Guide (1996) A. E. Smith Jr. L. R. Ream Publishing Idaho 149p

     Collecting Crystals, The Guide to Collecting Quartz in Arkansas (2000)  Darcy and Mike Howard, A & I Studio Press

     Rocks & Minerals (1988) vol(63) no 2 Mineral Locality Index

     Rocks & Minerals (1989) Vol(64) no 4 State Issue

     Web Resources


     Minerals of California (1983) H. E. Pemberton Van Nostrand Reinhold New York 591p

     Mineralogical Record (1977) California Vol(8) no 6 State Issue

     Web resources

     Mineralogical Society of Southern California bulletins.


     Minerals of Colorado (1998) E. B. Eckel Fulcrum Publishing Golden Colorado MI61 665p

     Gems and Minerals, A Guide to Colorado's Native Gemstones (1987) L. McKinney & D.T. McKinney MI37 48p

     Colorado Rockhounding (1994) S. M. Voynick MI45 371p

     The Rockhound's Guide to Colorado (1998) W. A. Kappele CGP MI52 203p

     Mineralogical Record (1976) Colorado I Vol(7) no 6 State Issue

     Mineralogical Record (1979) Colorado II Vol(9) no 6 State Issue

     Mineralogical Record (1985) Colorado III Vol(16) no 3 State Issue

     Mineralogical Record (1998) Sweet Home Mine (Rhodochrosite) Vol(29) no 4

     Rocks & Minerals (1984) Vol(59) no1 State Issue

     Rocks & Minerals 1994-2000 Summer/Fall issues (Theme mineral Denver Show) (Pyrite, Calcite, Fluorite, Barite, Sphalerite, Rhodochrosite)

     Web Resources


   Connecticut Minerals (1951) J. A. Sohon Connecticut Geol & Nat History Survey Bull 77 128p

   Rocks & Minerals (1995) Vol(70) no 6 State Issue and Mineral Locality Index


   Delaware, Its Rocks, Minerals and Fossils (1980) D. C. Windish & T. E. Pickett, Delaware Geol. Survey & Div Econ Dev SP 19 18p

   The Minerals of Delaware (1980) P. B. Leavens, Delaware Geol. Survey Special Publication pp 179-194 Selected papers on the Geology of Delaware

District of Columbia

    Minerals of the Washington D.C. Area (1980) L. R. Bernstein, Maryland Geological Survey Educational Series Number 5 148p.


     A Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Florida (1987) E.W. Bishop & E. Lane Florida Bur Geol. Spec. Pub. SP8 61p OOP

     Rocks & Minerals (1979) Vol(54) no 4 Geology and Minerals of Florida


      Minerals of Georgia : Their Properties and Occurrences (1978) R. B. Cook Georgia Geol Survey Bull B-92 189p

     Rocks & Minerals (1989) Vol(64) no 3 Mineral Locality Index


     Lapidary Journal (1975) Rockhounding Hawaiian style Vol(28) pp 1822-28.

     Mineralogical Record (1984) Minerals of Puu o Ehu quarry, Hawaii Vol(15) no 2

     Rockhounding in Hawaii (1976) Manhoff and Uyehara, Hawaiiana Almanac Publishing Co, Honolulu 140p.


    Idaho Minerals  (1989) L. R. Ream L. R. Ream Publishing Idaho 329p

     Rocks & Minerals (1995) Vol(70) no 4 Mineral Locality Index

     Idaho Mineral Locations on Web

     Idaho Mines Database (Idaho Geological Survey)

     Gemstone videotape (Idaho Public Television)


     Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Illinois (1959) Illinois State Geol Survey Ed Ser 5 40p

     Geological Survey Field trips

     Rocks & Minerals (1988) Vol(63) no 3 State Issue


     Minerals of Indiana (1960) R. C. Erd & S. S. Greenberg, Indiana Geol Survey Bull 18 73p OOP

     Minerals of Indiana (2002) N.R. Shaffer CD-ROM. Indiana Geological Survey Miscellaneous Publications, MI02A

     Rocks & Minerals (1986) Vol(61) no 3 State Issue and Mineral Locality Index


    Minerals of Iowa (1974) P. J. Horick, Iowa Geol Survey Ed Series ES-2 88p

     Iowa's Minerals : Their occurrence, origins, industries and lore (1998) P. Garvin University of Iowa Press, Iowa City.

    Minerals of Iowa

    Geological Resources online


     Kansas Rocks and Minerals (1986) L.L. Tolsted & A Swineford Kansas Geol Survey Ed. Series 2 64p


     Rocks and Minerals of Kentucky (1994) W. H. Anderson Kentucky Geol Survey Ser XI Spec Pub 20 82p

     Rocks & Minerals (1981) Vol(56) no 3 State Issue 


     Rocks & Minerals (1994) Vol(69) no 3 Mineral Locality Index


     Mineralogy of Maine Volume 1: Descriptive Mineralogy (1994) V. T. King & E. E. Foord 418p

     Mineralogy of Maine Volume 2: Mining, History, Gems and Geology (2000) V. T. King

     A Collectors Guide to Maine Mineral Localities B-41 Thompson, Joyner, Woodman, King

     Rocks & Minerals (1987) Vol(62) no 6 State Issue

     Web Resources


     Minerals of Maryland (1940) C. W. Ostrander & W. E. Price Jr. Maryland Nat. History Soc. Baltimore 88p


     Massachusetts Minerals and Fossil Localities (1978) P. Gleba Krueger Enterprises 117p

     Western Massachusetts Mineral Localities (1992) A. R. Plante Valley Geology 36 Plantation Circle, Greenfield, Ma 01301 144p 

     Rocks & Minerals (1976)  Vol(51) no 5 State Issue


     Mineralogy of Michigan (2004) E. W. Heinrich (rev. George W. Robinson), 252p

     Mineralogy of Michigan (2001) E. W. Heinrich, Michigan Department Environmental Quality, 2nd ed. 155p (online)

     Collecting Rocks, Minerals and Fossils in Michigan (1976) S. E. Wilson PA 06 16p

     Mineralogical Record (1992) Michigan Copper Country Vol(23) no 2

     Rocks & Minerals (1983) Vol(58) no 3 State Issue

     Keweenaw Week

     A. E. Seaman Museum

     Web resources


     Guide to Mineral Collecting in Minnesota (1979) E. R. Rapp Jr. & D. T. Wallace ES2 45p

     Rocks & Minerals (1982) Vol(57) no 3 State Issue


    Fossil and Mineral Collecting Localities of Mississippi (1972) Pitts & Bogard Mississippi Geological Survey Info. Sers. 72-2 OOP

     Mississippi Minerals (1944) William Morse Miss Geol Survey  Bull 59 13p

     Minerals of Mississippi (1981) Mississippi Geology Vol(1) no 3 pp 4-11 B. Mather


     Common Rocks and Minerals of Missouri (1961) W. D. Keller Univ. Mo. Press 80p.

     Rocks & Minerals (1998) Vol(73) no 2 Mineral Locality Index

     Rocks & Minerals (1997) Vol(72) no 6 pp363-438 State Issue

     Missouri Collecting Sites (pdf file)


     Montana localities on Web


     Gemstones and Minerals of Nebraska: A Handbook for Students and Collectors (1971) R. K. Pabian, Nebraska Geol  Survey Ed. Cir. EC-2, 80p

     Rocks & Minerals (1980) Vol(55) no 3 State Issue


     Nevada's common Minerals (1941) V. P. Gianella Bull 36 110p 

     Rocks, gemstones, minerals, and fossils in Nevada: (2001) Castor and Lapointe SP 29 folded map

     Mineralogical Record (1985) Nevada Vol(16) no 1 State Issue   

     Rocks & Minerals (1999) Vol(74) no 6 State Issue and Mineral Locality Index

     Nevada Minerals (2003) S. B. Castor & G. C. Ferdock NBMG Spec Pub 31 512p.

     Web resources

     Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology online publications 

New Hampshire

     The Geology of New Hampshire: Volume 3, Minerals and Mines (1956) T. R. Myers & G. W. Stewart New Hampshire State Planning and Dev. Com. GEO-3, 107p

     Rocks & Minerals (1990) Vol(65) no 4 State Issue 

New Jersey

     Minerals of New Jersey (1959) A .S. Wilkerson, New Jersey Geol. Survey Rept. No 1, 51p

      Rocks & Minerals (1982) Vol(57) no 5 Franklin & Sterling Hill (fluorescents)

      Rocks & Minerals (1984) Vol(59) no 4 Traprock minerals

      Sterling Hill / Franklin

New Mexico

     Minerals of New Mexico (1997) S.A. Northrop, Univ. New Mexico Press 3rd ed. 346p

     Rocks & Minerals (1992) Vol(67) no 5 pp 292-366   Mineral Locality Index

     Mineralogical Record (1991)  Vol(20) no 1 State Issue

New York

     Minerals of New York (1978) D. E. Jensen Ward's Nat Science Est 220p OOP

     New York Mineral Localities (1903) H. P. Whitlock B70 OOP

     Rocks and Minerals of New York State (1960) R. L. Borst  Ed. Leaflet 1

North Carolina

     Mineral Localities of North Carolina (1971) J. F. Conley et. al. North Carolina Div Mineral Res. Inf. Cir. 16 128p  (OOP)

     Mineral Collecting Sites in North Carolina IC 24   (OOP)

     Rocks & Minerals (1985) Vol(60) no 2 State Issue 

North Dakota

     Mineral and Water Resources of North Dakota (1973) ed Landis N. Dak. Geol Surv. Bull 63

     Rock and Mineral Collecting in North Dakota NDGS Newsletter June 1976

     North Dakota's Rocks and Minerals NDGS Newsletter 1995 V22 #2 p 6-12


     Minerals of Ohio (1991) E. H. Carlson Ohio Geol Survey Bull 69 153p

     Rocks & Minerals (1990) Vol(65) no 6 Mineral Locality Index


     Minerals of Oklahoma (1963) E. L. Gilmore 77p

     Rockhounding and Earth Science Activities in Oklahoma - 1995 Workshop (1996) K. S. Johnson & N. H. Guneson SP96-5 139p

     Rocks & Minerals (1997) Vol(72) no 4 Mineral Locality Index

     Web Resources

            Oklahoma localities

            Gysum at Jet, Oklahoma


     Oregon Rocks and Minerals, a description (1988) H. M. Dole, Oregon Dept Geol & Min Ind  OFR - 0-88-6 59p

    Gems & Minerals in Oregon

     Web Resources

            NW Oregon

            Lake County



     Rocks & Minerals of Pennsylvania Education Series ES1 - ( pdf file)

     Mineralogy of Pennsylvania 1966-1975 R. C. Smith II, Friends of Mineralogy Penn. chapter SP 1 304p

     Rocks & Minerals (1978) Vol(53) no 3 State Issue

Rhode Island

     Minerals of Rhode Island (1972) C. E. Miller Department of Geology, University of Rhode Island 83p

     Rocks & Minerals (1986) Vol(61) no 5 State Issue 

South Carolina

     Catalog of the Mineral Localities of South Carolina (1908) E. Sloan Bul 2

South Dakota

     Mineralogy of the Black Hills (1965) W. L. Roberts G. Rapp Jr., S. Dakota School Mines and Tech Bull. 18 268p OOP

     Rocks & Minerals (2000) Vol(75) no 3 Mineral Locality Index


     Rocks and Minerals of Tennessee (1957) R. J. Floyd Tenn Div Geol Inf Cir 5 36p OOP.


     Texas Rocks and Minerals: An Amateur's Guide (1964) R. M. Girard Texas Bureau Economic Geology GB 6 109p

     Texas Gemstones (1961) E. A. King Jr. Texas Bureau of Economic Geology RI 42 42p

     Rocks & Minerals (1991) Vol(66) no 3 Mineral Locality Index

      Web Resources


     Minerals and Mineral Localities of Utah (1981) K. C. Bullock Utah Geol & Mineral Survey Bull 117 177p OOP

     A collector's guide to rock, mineral & fossil localities of Utah (1995) J. R. Wilson, 148 p. + color insert,  MP95-4.

     Rocks & Minerals (1993) Vol(68) no 6 State Issue ( also at Utah geolological survey website )

     Web Resources

            State DNR

             Topaz Mountain



     Rocks & Minerals (1996) Vol(71) no 4 State Issue 

     Rocks & Minerals (1996) Vol(71) no 5 Mineral Locality Index


     Minerals of Virginia, 1990 (1990) R. V. Dietrich Virginia Dept Mines & Mineral Res 474p

     Minerals of Virginia, 1990 - an update (1993) R. V. Dietrich, Virginia Dept Mines & Mineral Res 28p

     Rocks & Minerals (1985) Vol(60) no 4 State Issue and Mineral Locality Index

    Web resources

           Web site

            Virginia DNR


     Minerals of Washington (1975) B. Cannon Cordilleran Press 184p

     Gems and Minerals of Washington (1985) L. R. Ream, Jackson Mountain Press, 217p.

     Rocks & Minerals (1991) Vol(66) no 4 State Issue and Mineral Locality Index

     Web Resources

          General Information Collecting Packet

          Mineral Localities on the Web


West Virginia

     Minerals of West Virginia (1964) J. H. C. Martens, West Virginia Geol & Econ Survey Ed Ser. ED-8 41p


     Story of the Rocks and Minerals of Wisconsin (1906) P. V. Lawson Appleton Wi 202p

     Rocks & Minerals (1998) Vol(73) no 6 Mineral Locality Index

     Mineralogy of Wisconsin Prof William Cordura's website


     Minerals and Rocks of Wyoming (1986) W. D. Hausel Wyoming Geol Survey Bull 66 117p reprint.

    Gemstones and other unique rocks and minerals of Wyoming - a field guide for collectors (2000) W.D. Hausel & W. M. Sutherland Wyoming Geol Survey Bull 71

     Rocks & Minerals (1983) Vol(58) no 5 State Issue

     Rocks & Minerals (2001) Vol (76) no 6 Mineral Locality index


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