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Book and Magazine Sources



   The books and magazines can be found at many public libraries. Another major source would be university libraries, especially those associated with geology departments. Interlibrary loans can get these magazines or books if there is enough lead time. A listing of libraries with guidebooks (probably with good collections of books on geologic subjects) can be found at the AGI website.

Geological Bulletins

   The various State Geological surveys sell their geological publications as well as those relevant U. S. Geological Survey publications.

New Book Dealers


     Barnes & Noble

     Mineralogical Research Co

      Nevada Book and Mineral 

Used Book Dealers

    Geoscience Books    

    Ed Rogers Rare Books

    Nevada Book and Mineral

    Rock of Ages

Mineralogical Record

        Mineralogical Record

        Also publishes "Fleischer's Glossary of Mineral Species", "Glossary of Obsolete Mineral Names", Bibliography of Mineralogical Record for the first 25 years of publication.

   Out of Print

       Mineralogical Research Co


       Nevada Book and Mineral

Rocks & Minerals

     Rocks & Minerals

     Out of Print can sometimes be found at auction sites. 

     The magazine occasionally has various out of print volumes available.

Mineral News

    Mineral News

    Sells a computer based bibliography (MINDEX) for "hobby" magazines (Rocks & Minerals 1980 - present and complete runs for Mineralogical Record, Mineral News, Matrix, World of Stone (Russia)). Invaluable for finding articles about specific localities or mineral associations.

Matrix: A Journal of the History of Minerals

    Matrix Publishing

     This magazine has articles on the history of collecting. It also has locality articles from the eastern United States.

Additional Bibliographic Sources

Spencer, L. J. (1948) Catalogue of topographical mineralogies and regional bibliographies. The Mineralogical Magazine 28, 303-332.

Smith, A. E. Jr. and D. R. Cook (1979) The collectors library: minerals of the United States Mineralogical Record, 10 13-28.

Smith, A. E. Jr. (1987) The collectors library: minerals of the United States, updates and additions. Mineralogical Record 18, 211-227.

Smith, A. E. Jr. (1995) Regional mineralogies of the world Mineralogical Record 26 112-134.
     Online version  at Friends of Mineralogy website


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