Deposit Items for Volume 91, No. 7, July, 2006

Massimo Boiocchi, Athos Callegari, and Luisa Ottolini
The crystal structure of piergorite-(Ce), Ca8Ce2(Al0.5Fe3+0.5)Σ1 (◻,Li,Be)2Si6B8O36(OH,F)2: A new borosilicate from Vetralla, Italy, with a modified hellandite-type chain   1170

Item #AM-06-019

Table 3. Anisotropic atom-displacement coefficients (Uij, Ų) in piergorite-(Ce).
Boiocchi_p1170_06_T3.doc Microsoft Word Document (92 K)

Table 5. h, k, l, Fo, Fc, and _(Fo) for piergorite-(Ce).
Boiocchi_p1170_06_T5.xls Microsoft Excel Document (460 K)

Table 6. Simulated (for CuKα) X-ray powder diffraction intensities from single-crystal data collection.
Boiocchi_p1170_06_T6.doc Microsoft Word Document (152 K)

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