Mineralogical Society of America, Founded December 30, 1919

The MSA Ambassador Program
for Public Outreach

revised 07/09/2020

Description      Recent and Past Ambassadors

The MSA Ambassador Program was established as part of MSA's Centennial the celebration in 2019. It recognized MSA members offering public presentations about mineralogy and petrology as part of MSA's 100th anniversary. The effort was so successful that MSA is continuing and expanding the program. As an MSA member, YOU can become an official MSA Ambassador!! Here's what you need to do:

  1. Volunteer to give a talk to a non-academic audience about your favorite subject in mineralogy, geochemistry, and/or petrology. There are many possible venues: K-12 classrooms, rock and mineral clubs, retirement centers, local museum or library lecture series, and other informal groups. You can share your knowledge and enthusiasm either in person or by using video-based communications software.

  2. Please be sure to include the MSA description slide in your talk to help spread the word about our organization.

  3. AFTER YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR LECTURE, visit this page [Email and Member ID required] and fill in the following information:

  4. Your information will then be listed on this MSA Centennial web page for everyone to see!
  5. Let's share our knowledge and enthusiasm for our field with our communities and let them know the important things we do!

    MSA Ambassador lecture hall

    Recent and Past Ambassadors




    2019 The Centennial Year.