Deposit Items for Volume 97, No. 0506, May-June 2012

Ross J. Angel, Lindsay M. Sochalski-Kolbus, and Mario Tribaudino
Tilts and tetrahedra: The origin of the anisotropy of feldspars   765

Item #AM-12-042
Guide to deposits and movie files illustrating the tilt systems zipped files (5.8 MB)

Charles Le Losq, Daniel R. Neuville, Roberto Moretti, and Jacques Roux
Determination of water content in silicate glasses using Raman spectrometry: Implications for the study of explosive volcanism   779

Item #AM-12-036

Crystallographic Information Files zipped files (7.6 MB)

Alain Manceau, Matthew A. Marcus, and Sylvain Grangeon
Determination of Mn valence states in mixed-valent manganates by XANES spectroscopy   816

Item #AM-12-037

Supplementary data, tables, and figures in PDF and two ASCII files (Mn XANES database).
Manceau_p816_12_Supplementary.pdf pdf (1.6 MB)
Mn_XANES_derivatives.dat (384 KB)
Mn_XANES_spectra.dat (376 KB)

Paolo Lotti, G. Diego Gatta, Nicola Rotiroti, and Fernando Cámara
High-pressure study of a natural cancrinite   872

Item #AM-12-039

Crystallographic Information Files zipped files (104 KB)

Matteo Zoppi and Giovanni Pratesi
The dual behavior of the β-As4S4 altered by light   890

Item #AM-12-028

Crystallographic Information Files zipped files (268 KB)

Matteo Ardit, Michele Dondi, and Giuseppe Cruciani
Structural stability, cation ordering, and local relaxation along the AlNbO4-Al0.5Cr0.5NbO4 join   910

Item #AM-12-035

Atomic coordinates, atomic displacement parameters, and site occupancy fractions for the five refined crystal structures; Supplementary Figures 1a and 1b zipped files (240 KB)

Ferdinando Bosi, Henrik Skogby, Giovanna Agrosì, and Eugenio Scandale
Tsilaisite, NaMn3Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3OH, a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup from Grotta d’Oggi, San Pietro in Campo, island of Elba, Italy   989

Item #AM-12-038

Tables 3,4,5,6
Bosi_p989_12_Tables.pdf pdf (236 KB)
Crystallographic Information Files zipped files (12 KB)

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