Deposit Items for Volume 96, No. 0809, August-September 2011

Asfaw Zegeye, Mustapha Abdelmoula, Muhammad Usman, Khalil Hanna, and Christian Ruby
In situ monitoring of lepidocrocite bioreduction and magnetite formation by reflection Mössbauer spectroscopy   1410

Item #AM-11-040

Supplemental Tables and Figure.
Zegeye_p1410_11_supplement.pdf pdf (628 KB)

C.K. Shearer, J.J. Papike, P.V. Burger, S.R. Sutton, F.M. McCubbin, and M. Newville
Direct determination of europium valence state by XANES in extraterrestrial merrillite: Implications for REE crystal chemistry and martian magmatism   1418

Item #AM-11-049

Shearer_p1418_11_deposit.pdf pdf (128 KB)

Chi Ma, Harold C. Connolly Jr., John R. Beckett, Oliver Tschauner, George R. Rossman, Anthony R. Kampf, Thomas J. Zega, Stuart A. Sweeney Smith, and Devin L. Schrader
Brearleyite, Ca12Al14O32Cl2, a new alteration mineral from the NWA 1934 meteorite   1199

Item #AM-11-041

Crystallographic Information File
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Hiroshi Kojitani, Takemi Iwabuchi, Makoto Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Miura, and Masaki Akaogi
Structure refinement of high-pressure hexagonal aluminous phases K1.00Mg2.00Al4.80Si1.15O12 and Na1.04Mg1.88Al4.64Si1.32O12   1248

Item #AM-11-039, CIF.

Crystallographic Information File
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Manuel A. Caraballo, Francisco Macías, José Miguel Nieto, Julio Castillo, Dino Quispe, and Carlos Ayora
Hydrochemical performance and mineralogical evolution of a dispersed alkaline substrate (DAS) remediating the highly polluted acid mine drainage in the full-scale passive treatment of Mina Esperanza (SW Spain)   1270

Item #AM-11-042

Tables 1–2
Caraballo_p1270_11_Table1.pdf pdf (40 KB)
Caraballo_p1270_11_Table2.pdf pdf (104 KB)

K. Righter, S. Sutton, L. Danielson, K. Pando, G. Schmidt, H. Yang, S. Berthet, M. Newville, Y. Choi, R.T. Downs, and V. Malavergne
The effect of fO2 on the partitioning and valence of V and Cr in garnet/melt pairs and the relation to terrestrial mantle V and Cr content   1278

Item #AM-11-045

Crystallographic Information Files
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Yongmoon Lee, Donghoon Seoung, Young-Nam Jang, Jianming Bai, and Yongjae Lee
Structural studies of NH4-exchanged natrolites at ambient conditions and high temperature   1308

Item #AM-11-047

Crystallographic Information Files
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Supplementary Tables and Figures
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G. Diego Gatta, Ross J. Angel, Jing Zhao, Matteo Alvaro, Nicola Rotiroti, and Michael A. Carpenter
Phase stability, elastic behavior, and pressure-induced structural evolution of kalsilite: A ceramic material and high-T/high-P mineral   1363

Item #AM-11-048

Crystallographic Information Files
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DiegoGatta_p1363_11_CIF2.txt txt (12 KB)
DiegoGatta_p1363_11_CIF3.txt txt (16 KB)
DiegoGatta_p1363_11_CIF4.txt txt (16 KB)
DiegoGatta_p1363_11_CIF5.txt txt (16 KB)
DiegoGatta_p1363_11_CIF6.txt txt (16 KB)
DiegoGatta_p1363_11_CIF7.txt txt (16 KB)
DiegoGatta_p1363_11_CIF8.txt txt (16 KB)
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Table 3
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M. Lacalamita, E. Schingaro, F. Scordari, G. Ventruti, A. Fabbrizio, and G. Pedrazzi
Substitution mechanisms and implications for the estimate of water fugacity for Ti-rich phlogopite from Mt. Vulture, Potenza, Italy   1381

Item #AM-11-046

Figures 2, 3, 5
Lacalamita_p1381_11_Figures.pdf pdf (272 KB)
Tables 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15
Lacalamita_p1381_11_Tables.doc Microsoft Word (1 MB)
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Karen L. Wang, Youxue Zhang, and Fabian U. Naab
Calibration for IR measurements of OH in apatite   1392

Item #AM-11-043

Original data
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