Deposit Items for Volume 93, No. 2-3, February - March 2008

Edward S. Grew, Heribert A. Graetsch, Birgit Pöter, Martin G. Yates, Ian Buick, Heinz-Jürgen Bernhardt, Werner Schreyer, Günter Werding, Christopher J. Carson, and Geoffrey L. Clarke
Boralsilite, Al16B6Si2O37, and “boron-mullite:” Compositional variations and associated phases in experiment and nature   283

Item #AM-08-007

Appendix Table 1. List of bondlengths for synthetic boralsilite.
Appendix Table 2. Minerals in boralsilite-bearing sections, Stornes Peninsula, Larsemann Hills, Antarctica
Appendix Table 3. GPS coordinates for localities and samples cited in text.
Grew_p283_08_Appendix.doc Microsoft Word (84 K)

Raffaele Sassi, Giuseppe Cruciani, Claudio Mazzoli, Luca Nodari, and John Craven
Multiple titanium substitutions in biotites from high-grade metapelitic xenoliths (Euganean Hills, Italy): Complete crystal chemistry and appraisal of petrologic control   339

Item #AM-08-009

CIF files.
Sassi_p339_08_cz16.cif cif (8 K)
Sassi_p339_08_mm182.cif cif (8 K)
Sassi_p339_08_mm189.cif cif (8 K)

Aaron B. Kelts, Minghua Ren, and Elizabeth Y. Anthony
Monazite occurrence, chemistry, and chronology in the granitoid rocks of the Lachlan Fold Belt, Australia: An electron microprobe study   373

Item #AM-08-010

Appendix tables I, II, III, IV (complete data from the analyses).
Kelts_p373_08_Appendix1.doc Microsoft Word (124 K)
Kelts_p373_08_Appendix2.doc Microsoft Word (416 K)
Kelts_p373_08_Appendix3.doc Microsoft Word (284 K)
Kelts_p373_08_Appendix4.doc Microsoft Word (960 K)

Willis E. Hames, John T. Cheney, and Robert J. Tracy
Single-crystal 40Ar/39Ar age variation in muscovite of the Gassetts Schist and associated gneiss, Vermont Appalachians   384

Item #AM-08-012

Table 1 continued (Additional data and analytical details).
Hames_p384_08_Appendix.pdf pdf file (104 K)

M.F. Brigatti, C.V. Guidotti, D. Malferrari, and F.P. Sassi
Single-crystal X-ray studies of trioctahedral micas coexisting with dioctahedral micas in metamorphic sequences from western Maine   396

Item #AM-08-008

Tables 7a, 7b, and 8 (Atom coordinates, equivalent, and anisotropic displacement factors, as well as observed and calculated structure factors),
Brigatti_p396_08_Table7.doc Microsoft Word (324 K)
Brigatti_p396_08_table8.xls Microsoft Excel (604 K)

Milen Kadiyski, Thomas Armbruster, Evgeny V. Galuskin, Nikolay N. Pertsev, Aleksander E. Zadov, Irina O. Galuskina, Roman Wrzalik, Piotr Dzierzanowski, and Evgeny V. Kislov
The modular structure of dovyrenite, Ca6Zr[Si2O7]2(OH)4: Alternate stacking of tobermorite and rosenbuschite-like units   456

Item #AM-08-011

Kadiyski_p456_08_dovyrenite.cif cif (20 K)

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