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Edgar Dachs and Charles A. Geiger
Entropies of mixing and subsolidus phase relations of forsterite–fayalite (Mg2SiO4–Fe2SiO4) solid solution   699

Item #AM-07-016

Figure 3. Calorimetric excess entropies at 298.15 K, ΔSxs298.15, as function of composition for Fe-Mg olivines.
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Angela Laurora, Maria Franca Brigatti, Annibale Mottana, Daniele Malferrari, and Enrico Caprilli
Crystal chemistry of trioctahedral micas in alkaline and subalkaline volcanic rocks: A case study from Mt. Sassetto (Tolfa district, Latium, central Italy)   468

Item #AM-07-015

Table 2 Bulk-rock major (%) and trace (ppm) element analyses of Mt. Sassetto samples.

Table 3 Averaged major element analyses (oxide wt%), standard deviations and chemical formulae of mica crystals.

Table 8 Atomic coordinates, isotropic and anisotropic displacement factors (Å2 x 103) of Mt. Sassetto micas.

Table 9 Refined and calculated site occupancies of Mt. Sassetto mica crystals used in single-crystal X-ray diffraction study.
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Subhadip Bhadra and Abhijit Bhattacharya
The barometer tremolite + tschermakite + 2 albite = 2 pargasite + 8 quartz: Constraints from experimental data at unit silica activity, with application to garnet-free natural assemblages   491

Item #AM-07-012

Table 4 Summary of experimental conditions
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Table 8 Comparison between the experimental P values (Pexp) and pressures (Pcom) computed from the barometric Equations (xv) and (xvi)

Table 9 A comparison of P values in natural assemblage retrieved using the proposed barometers (Pcom) with those recommended by the respective authors (Pnat)
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Appendix 1 Precision Of The Proposed Barometer

Appendix 2 Scheme For Calculating Pressure Using Coexisting Hornblende And Plagioclase In Sample 73-20c Of Spear (1982)
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Günther J. Redhammer, Lisa Koll, Manfred Bernroider, Gerold Tippelt, Georg Amthauer, and Georg Roth
Co2+-Cu2+ substitution in bieberite solid-solution series, (Co1–xCux)SO4·7H2O, 0.00 ≤ x ≤ 0.46: Synthesis, single-crystal structure analysis, and optical spectroscopy   532

Item #AM-07-014

Table 2b. Data collection parameters and results of structure refinement for (Co1–xCux)SO4·5H2O
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Xiang-Wen Liu, Zhen-Min Jin, and Harry W. Green II
Clinoenstatite exsolution in diopsidic augite of Dabieshan: Garnet peridotite from depth of 300 km   546

Item #AM-07-008 Appendix.

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C. Bertoldi, E. Dachs, and P. Appel
Heat-pulse calorimetry measurements on natural chlorite-group minerals   553

Item #AM-07-009

Appendix A. Low-temperature heat capacities
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A. Isambert, N. Menguy, E. Larquet, F. Guyot, and J.-P. Valet
Transmission electron microscopy study of magnetites in a freshwater population of magnetotactic bacteria   621

Item #AM-07-010

Appendix. The shape factors, describing the elongation of the crystals, were calculated from their width to length ratio, so that w/l ≤ 1. The results are presented using histograms.
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P.F. Zanazzi, M. Montagnoli, S. Nazzareni, and P. Comodi
Structural effects of pressure on monoclinic chlorite: A single-crystal study   655

Item #AM-07-011

Table 3 Observed and calculated structure factors
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Amanda L. Klingensmith, Kathryn M. Deely, William S. Kinman, Virginia Kelly, and Peter C. Burns
Neptunium incorporation in sodium-substituted metaschoepite   662

Item #Am-07-017

Table 3 a,b,c,d,e in CIF format
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Klingensmith_p655_07_CIFb.txt text file (20 K)
Klingensmith_p655_07_CIFc.txt text file (20 K)
Klingensmith_p655_07_CIFd.txt text file (20 K)
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Renat R. Almeev, François Holtz, Jürgen Koepke, Fleurice Parat, and Roman E. Botcharnikov
The effect of H2O on olivine crystallization in MORB: Experimental calibration at 200 MPa   670

Item #AM-07-013

Appendix Table 1. Experimental conditions and products (entire dataset)
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