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Vol. 83, No. 11-12 Part 2 An International Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials

November-December 1998


Bertrand Devouard, Mihály Pósfai, Xin Hua, Dennis A. Bazylinski, Richard B. Frankel, and Peter R. Buseck
Magnetite from magnetotactic bacteria: Size distributions and twinning   1387
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Danielle Fortin, F. Grant Ferris, and Steven D. Scott
Formation of Fe-silicates and Fe-oxides on bacterial surfaces in samples collected near hydrothermal vents on the Southern Explorer Ridge in the northeast Pacific Ocean   1399
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Chuanlun Zhang, Hojatollah Vali, Christopher S. Romanek, Tommy J. Phelps, and Shi V. Liu
Formation of single-domain magnetite by a thermophilic bacterium     1409
Full Text (180 K)

D. Ann Brown, J.A. Sawicki, and Barbara L. Sherriff
Alteration of microbially precipitated iron oxides and hydroxides     1419
Full Text (108 K)

John M. Zachara, James K. Fredrickson, Shu-Mei Li, David W. Kennedy, Steven C. Smith, and Paul L. Gassman
Bacterial reduction of crystalline Fe3+ oxides in single phase suspensions and subsurface materials    1426
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Katrina J. Edwards, Matthew O. Schrenk, Robert Hamers, and Jillian F. Banfield
Microbial oxidation of pyrite: Experiments using microorganisms from an extreme acidic environment     1444
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Matthew J. Kohn, Lee R. Riciputi, Debra Stakes, and Daniel L. Orange
Sulfur isotope variability in biogenic pyrite: Reflections of heterogeneous bacterial colonization?    1454
Full Text (368 K)

Mihály Pósfai, Peter R. Buseck, Dennis A. Bazylinski, and Richard B. Frankel
Iron sulfides from magnetotactic bacteria: Structure, composition, and phase transitions     1469
Full Text (308 K)

Pieter T. Visscher, R. Pamela Reid, Brad M. Bebout, Shelley E. Hoeft, Ian G. MacIntyre, and John A. Thompson Jr.
Formation of lithified micritic laminae in modern marine stromatolites (Bahamas): The role of sulfur cycling    1482
Full Text (332 K)

Johnson R. Haas, Elizabeth H. Bailey, and O. William Purvis
Bioaccumulation of metals by lichens:Uptake of aqueous uranium by Peltigera membranacea as a function of time and pH     1494
Full Text (164 K)

Kimberly K. Yates and Lisa L. Robbins
Production of carbonate sediments by a unicellular green alga     1503
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I. Sarashina and K. Endo
Primary structure of a soluble matrix protein of scallop shell: Implications for calcium carbonate biomineralization    1510
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AMMIAY 83(11-12)1387-1607 ISSN 0003-004X [83(11-12) is mailing in two parts.]


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R.E. Blake, J.R. O'Neil, and G.A. Garcia
Effects of microbial activity on the 18O of dissolved inorganic phosphate and textural features of synthetic apatites     1516
Full Text (512 K)

J.R. Rogers, P.C. Bennett, and W.J. Choi
Feldspars as a source of nutrients for microorganisms    1532
Full Text (136 K)

Philippa J.R. Uwins, Richard I. Webb, and Anthony P. Taylor
Novel nano-organisms from Australian sandstones    1541
Full Text (312 K)

W.W. Barker, S.A. Welch, S. Chu, and J.F. Banfield
Experimental observations of the effects of bacteria on aluminosilicate weathering    1551
Full Text (264 K)

Inga Larsen, Brenda Little, Kenneth H. Nealson, Richard Ray, Alan Stone, and Juihan Tian
Manganite reduction by Shewanella putrefaciens MR-4     1564
Full Text (248 K)

G.J. Brouwers, J.P.M. de Vrind, P.L.A.M. Corstjens, and E.W. de Vrind-de Jong
Involvement of genes of the two-step protein secretion pathway in the transport of the manganese-oxidizing factor across the outer membrane of Pseudomonas putida strain GB-1    1573
Full Text (144 K)

Esther R. Angert, Diana E. Northup, Anna-Louise Reysenbach, Andrew S. Peek, Brett M. Goebel, and Norman R. Pace
Molecular phylogenetic analysis of a bacterial community in Sulphur River, Parker Cave, Kentucky     1583
Full Text (180 K)

Patricia Lynne Siering
The double helix meets the crystal lattice: The power and pitfalls of nucleic acid approaches for biomineralogical investigations     1593
Full Text (136 K)


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