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Vol. 83, No. 1-2 An International Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials

January-February 1998

Robert F. Dymek and Anne M. Hofmeister
American Mineralogist in Transition    1
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Michael A. Carpenter, Ekhard K.H. Salje, Ann Graeme-Barber, Bernd Wruck, Martin T. Dove, and Kevin S. Knight
Calibration of excess thermodynamic properties and elastic constant variations due to the α ↔ β phase transition in quartz    2
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Orson L. Anderson
Thermoelastic properties of MgSiO3 perovskite as the Debye approach    23
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Gordon Moore, Torsten Vennemann, and I.S.E. Carmichael
An empirical model for the solubility of H2O in magmas to 3 kilobars    36
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Marcus Nowak and Hans Keppler
The influence of water on the environment of transition metals in silicate glasses    43
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Alison R. Pawley
The reaction talc + forsterite = enstatite + H2O: New experimental results and petrological implications    51
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V. Sucha, F. Elsass, D. D. Eberl, L. Kuchta, J. Madejová, W. P. Gates, and P. Komadel
Hydrothermal synthesis of ammonium illite    58
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X. Xia, D.J. Weidner, and H. Zhao
Equation of state of brucite: Single-crystal Brillouin spectroscopy study and polycrystalline pressure-volume-temperature measurement    68
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Cliff T. Johnston, Jozef Helsen, Robert A. Schoonheydt, David L. Bish, and Stephen F. Agnew
Single-crystal Raman spectroscopic study of dickite    75
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Mark D. Welch, Shuangxi Liu, and Jacek Klinowski
29Si MAS NMR systematics of calcic and sodic-calcic amphiboles    85
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Victor A. Drits, Bruno Lanson, Anatoli I. Gorshkov, and Alain Manceau
Substructure and superstructure of four-layer Ca-exchanged birnessite    97
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Daniel Nyfeler and Thomas Armbruster
Silanol groups in minerals and inorganic compounds    119
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Deane K. Smith, Andrew C. Roberts, Peter Bayliss, and Friedrich Liebau
A systematic approach to general and structure-type formulas for minerals and other inorganic phases    126
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Asahiko Sugaki and Arashi Kitakaze
High form of pentlandite and its thermal stability    133
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K. Wright, G.W. Watson, S.C. Parker, and D.J. Vaughan
Simulation of the structure and stability of sphalerite (ZnS) surfaces    141
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AMMIAY 83(1-2)1-192 ISSN 0003-004X


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Steven K. Lower, Patricia A. Maurice, Samuel J. Traina, and Ernest H. Carlson
Aqueous Pb sorption by hydroxylapatite: Applications of atomic force microscopy to dissolution, nucleation, and growth studies    147
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Mario Tribaudino, Piera Benna, and Emiliano Bruno
Structural variations induced by thermal treatment in lead feldspar (PbAl2Si2O8)    159
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José M. Caballero, Angeles Monge, Angel La Iglesia, and Fernando Tornos
Ferri-clinoholmquistite, Li2(Fe2+, Mg)3 Fe3+2 Si8O22(OH)2, a new BLi clinoamphibole from the Pedriza Massif, Sierra de Guadarrama, Spanish Central System    167
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William D. Birch, Allan Pring, E. Maude McBriar, Bryan M. Gatehouse, and Catherine A. McCammon
Bamfordite, Fe3+ Mo2O6(OH)3·H2O, a new hydrated iron molybdenum oxyhydroxide from Queensland, Australia: Description and crystal chemistry    172
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Gerald Giester, Yunxiang Ni, Dieter Jarosch, John M. Hughes, Jørn Rønsbo, Zhuming Yang, and Josef Zemann
Cordylite-(Ce): A crystal chemical investigation of material from four localities, including type material   178
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John L. Jambor, Edward S. Grew, and Andrew C. Roberts
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Cliff Johnston
SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPY OF CLAY MINERALS. Edited by K.L. Nagy and A.E. Blum. Clay Minerals Society, Boulder, Colorado, 239 pages.

Calvin F Miller
IGNEOUS PETROLOGY 2nd Edition By Anthony Hall. Longman Group Ltd., London, 1996 xiv & 551 p

B.R Berger
MAGMAS, FLUIDS, AND ORE DEPOSITS. Edited by J.F.H. Thompson. Mineralogical Association of Canada, Nepean, Ontario, 1995. Short course Volume 23 vi+525 pages;
Full Text (408 K)


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