Deposit Items for Volume 83, No. 1-2, January-February, 1998

Asahiko Sugaki and Arashi Kitakaze
High form of pentlandite and its thermal stability    133

Item #AM-98-001

Sugaki_p133_98_Tables.pdf (184 K)
Tables 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9.

Mario Tribaudino, Piera Benna, and Emiliano Bruno
Structural variations induced by thermal treatment in lead feldspar (PbAl2Si2O8)    159

Item #AM-98-004

Tribaudino_p159_98_Tables.html (8 K)
TABLE 3. T-O bond lengths (Â) and Qod value for lead feldspars
TABLE 4. Pb-O bond lengths (Â) for lead feldspars (non-split model)

José M. Caballero, Angeles Monge, Angel La Iglesia, and Fernando Tornos
Ferri-clinoholmquistite, Li2(Fe2+, Mg)3 Fe23+ Si8O22(OH)2, a new BLi clinoamphibole from the Pedriza Massif, Sierra de Guadarrama, Spanish Central System    167

Item #AM-98-002

Caballero_p167_98_Table6.html (36 K)
Table 6.

William D. Birch, Allan Pring, E. Maude McBriar, Bryan M. Gatehouse, and Catherine A. McCammon
Bamfordite, Fe3+ Mo2O6(OH)3·H2O, a new hydrated iron molybdenum oxyhydroxide from Queensland, Australia: Description and crystal chemistry    172

Item #AM-98-003

Birch_p172-177_98_Table7.html (64 K)
Table 7. Bamfordite structure factors

Gerald Giester, Yunxiang Ni, Dieter Jarosch, John M. Hughes, Jørn Rønsbo, Zhuming Yang, and Josef Zemann
Cordylite-(Ce): A crystal chemical investigation of material from four localities, including type material   178

Item #AM-98-005

Giester_p178-184_98_Table3.html (8 K)
Table 3. Refined displacement parameters for cordylite-(Ce) samples

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