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Volume 80 September-October 1995 Numbers 9 and 10



Paul H. Warren
Extrapolated partial molar densities of SO3, P2O5, and other oxides in silicate melts    1085
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Laurence Galoisy, Georges Calas, Gordon E. Brown, Jr.
Intracrystalline distribution of Ni in San Carlos olivine: An EXAFS study   1089
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Dien Li, G. M. Bancroft, M. E. Fleet, P. C. Hess, Z. F. Yin
Coordination of B in K2O-SiO2-B2O3-P2O5 glasses using B K-edge XANES   873
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Anna M. George, Jonathan F. Stebbins
High-temperature 23Na MAS NMR data for albite: Comparison to chemical-shift models   878
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Roberta L. Millard, Ronald C. Peterson, Brian K. Hunter
Study of the cubic to tetragonal transition in Mg2TiO4 and Zn2TiO4 spinels by 17O MAS NMR and Rietveld refinement of X-ray diffraction data   885
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Huifang Xu, David R. Veblen, Yiqiang Zhang
Structural modulation and phase transition in a Na-rich alkali feldspar   897
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Mario Tribaudino, Piera Benna, Emiliano Bruno
I1 - I 2/c phase transition in alkaline-earth feldspars: Evidence from TEM observations of Sr-rich feldspars along the CaAl2Si2O8- SrAl2Si2O8 join   907
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Hexiong Yang, Marc M. Hirschmann
Crystal structure of P21/m ferromagnesian amphibole and the role of cation ordering and composition in the P21/m-C2/m transition in cummingtonite   916
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M. Chiara Domeneghetti, G. Mario Molin, Marilena Stimpfl, Mario Tribaudino
Orthopyroxene from the Serra de Magé meteorite: Structure refinement and estimation of C2/c pyroxene contributions to apparent Pbca diffraction violations   923
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Stephen B. Rice
Transmission electron microscope observations of planar defects in ferrierite from Kamloops Lake, British Columbia   930
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Robert T. Downs, Robert M. Hazen, Larry W. Finger, Tibor Gasparik
Crystal chemistry of lead aluminosilicate hollandite: A new high-pressure synthetic phase with octahedral Si   937
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Tzy-Chung Wu, Andy H. Shen, Maura S. Weathers, William A. Bassett, I-Ming Chou
Anisotropic thermal expansion of calcite at high pressures: An in situ X-ray diffraction study in a hydrothermal diamond-anvil cell   941
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Susan J. Gaffey
H2O and OH in echinoid calcite: A spectroscopic study   947
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Alistair R. Lennie, Katharine E. R. England, David J. Vaughan
Transformation of synthetic mackinawite to hexagonal pyrrhotite: A kinetic study   960
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AMMIAY 80(9-10)873-1092 ISSN 0003-004X


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Dominique Lattard
Experimental evidence for the exsolution of ilmenite from titaniferous spinel   968
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John D. Clemens
Phlogopite stability in the silica-saturated portion of the system KAlO2-MgO-SiO2-H2O: New data and a reappraisal of phase relations to 1.5 GPa   982
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Alison R. Pawley, Bernard J. Wood
The high-pressure stability of talc and 10 Å phase: Potential storage sites for H2O in subduction zones   998
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Martha L. Gerdes, Lukas P. Baumgartner, Mark Person, Douglas Rumble III
One- and two-dimensional models of fluid flow and stable isotope exchange at an outcrop in the Adamello contact aureole, Southern Alps, Italy   1004
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Kate Wright, Robert Freer, C. R. A. Catlow
Oxygen diffusion in grossular and some geological implications   1020
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Theodore C. Labotka
Evidence for immiscibility in a Ti-rich garnet in calc-silicate hornfels from northeastern Minnesota   1026
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Stefano Salvi, Anthony E. Williams-Jones
Zirconosilicate phase relations in the Strange Lake (Lac Brisson) pluton, Quebec-Labrador, Canada   1031
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Shoji Arai, Natsue Abe
Reaction of orthopyroxene in peridotite xenoliths with alkali-basalt melt and its implication for genesis of alpine-type chromitite   1041
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Aley El-Din K. EL-Shazly
On the thermodynamic data of kaolinite   1048
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P. Bonazzi, D. Borrini, F. Mazzi, F. Olmi
Crystal structure and twinning of Sb2AsS2, the synthetic analogue of pääkkönenite   1054
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Joel D. Grice, Robert A. Gault, George Y. Chao
Reederite-(Y), a new sodium rare-earth carbonate mineral with a unique fluorosulfate anion   1059
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Dan Holtstam, Rolf Norrestam, Arne Sjödin
Plumboferrite: New mineralogical data and atomic arrangement   1065
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John L. Jambor, Andrew C. Roberts
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Petrogenetic implications of the Fe3+ content of muscovite in pelitic schists, by C. V. Guidotti, M. G. Yates, M. D. Dyar, and M. E. Taylor (v. 79, p. 793-795, 1994).
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Michael L. Williams
Memorial of Jeffrey A. Grambling, 1953-1993   1079
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F. A. Frey, T. L. Grove
Memorial of Roger C. Burns, 1937-1994   1082
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