Deposit Items for Volume 80, No. 9-10, September-October, 1995

Aley E-Din K. El-Shazly
On the thermodynamic data of kaolinite   1048

Item #AM-95-594

Table 2.El_Shazly_p1048_95_Table2.html (92 K)

Joel D. Grice, Robert A. Gault, and George Y. Chao
Reederite-(Y), a new sodium rare-earth carbonate mineral with a unique fluorosulfate anion   1059

Item #AM-95-596

Table 5. Anisotropic displacement factors
Grice_p1059_95_Table5.txt (8 K)

Table 6. Observed and calculated structure factors
Grice_p1059_95_Table6.txt (36 K)

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