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Volume 80 November-December 1995 Numbers 11 and 12



Andy Shen, Hans Keppler
Infrared spectroscopy of hydrous silicate melts to 1000 °C and 10 kbar: Direct observation of H2O speciation in a diamond-anvil cell    1335
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Jacqueline Eaby Dixon, Vivian Pan
Determination of the molar absorptivity of dissolved carbonate in basanitic glass   1339
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Rosalind Tuthill Helz
The Stillwater Complex, Montana: A subvolcanic magma chamber?   1343
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Robert K. Popp, David Virgo, Michael Phillips
H deficiency in kaersutitic amphiboles: Experimental verification    1347
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Andrew J. Werner, Michael F. Hochella, Jr., George D. Guthrie, Jr., Jeanne A. Hardy, Ann E. Aust, J. Donald Rimstidt
Asbestiform riebeckite (crocidolite) dissolution in the presence of Fe-chelators: Implications for mineral-induced disease   1093
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Sturges W. Bailey, Jillian F. Banfield
Derivation and identification of nonstandard serpentine polytypes    1104
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Jillian F. Banfield, Sturges W. Bailey, William W. Barker, Robert C. Smith, II
Complex polytypism: Relationships between serpentine structural characteristics and deformation    1116
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Laurence A. J. Garvie, Alan J. Craven. Rik Brydson
Parallel electron energy-loss spectroscopy (PEELS) study of B in minerals: The electron energy-loss near-edge structure (ELNES) of the B K edge    1132
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B. P. McAloon, A. M. Hofmeister
Single-crystal IR spectroscopy of the grossular-andradite garnets    1145
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Ji-an Xu, Eugene Huang, Jung-fu Lin, Lilian Yunyi Xu
Raman study at high pressure and thermodynamic property of corundum: Application of Kieffer's model   1157
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Allan Pring
Annealing of synthetic hammarite, Cu2Pb2Bi4S9, and the nature of cation-ordering processes in the bismuthinite-aikinite series    1166
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Su Wang, P. R. Buseck, J. Liu
High-angle annular dark-field microscopy of franckeite    1174
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E. Bruce Watson, Yan Liang
A simple model for sector zoning in slowly grown crystals: Implications for growth rate and lattice diffusion, with emphasis on accessory minerals in crustal rocks    1179
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Frank J. Spera, Curtis M. Oldenburg, Constance Christensen, Micol Todesco
Simulations of convection with crystallization in the system KAlSi2O6-CaMgSi2O6: Implications for compositionally zoned magma bodies   1188
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AMMIAY 80(11-12)1093-1384 ISSN 0003-004X


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J. J. Papike, M. N. Spilde, G. W. Fowler, I. S. McCallum
SIMS studies of planetary cumulates: Orthopyroxene from the Stillwater Complex, Montana   1208
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R. Brooks Hanson
Role of fluid flow in the contact metamorphism of siliceous dolomitic limestones—Discussion   1222
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John M. Ferry
Role of fluid flow in the contact metamorphism of siliceous dolomitic limestones—Reply to Hanson   1226
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Jonathan Icenhower, David London
An experimental study of element partitioning between biotite, muscovite and coexisting peraluminous silicic melt at 200 MPa (H20)    1229
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Andrea M. Koziol, Robert C. Newton
Experimental determination of the reactions: Magnesite + quartz = enstatite + CO2 and magnesite = periclase + CO2 and enthalpies of formation of enstatite and magnesite   1252
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Renaud Podor, Michel Cuney, Chinh Nguyen Trung
Experimental study of the solid solution between monazite-(La) and (Ca0.5U0.5)PO4 at 780 °C and 200 MPa   1261
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Tibor Gasparik, John B. Parise, Bonnie A. Eiben, Joseph A. Hriljac
Stability and structure of a new high-pressure silicate Na1.8Ca1.1Si6O14   1269
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Eugen Libowitzky, Thomas Armbruster
Low temperature phase transitions and the role of hydrogen bonds in lawsonite    1277
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Deposit Item

Max W. Schmidt
Lawsonite: Upper pressure stability and formation of higher density hydrous phases    1286
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P. C. Burnley
The fate of olivine in subducting slabs: A reconnaissance study   1293
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H. T. Haselton, Jr., I-Ming Chou, A. H. Shen, W. A. Bassett
Techniques for determining pressure in the hydrothermal diamond-anvil cell: Behavior and Identification of ice polymorphs (I, III, V, VI)    1302
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Genyong Peng, John Lewis, Bruce Lipin, James McGee, Peisheng Bao, Xibin Wang
Inclusions of phlogopite and phlogopite hydrates in chromium from the Hongguleleng ophiolite in Xinjiang, northwest China   1307
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James S. Scoates, Kevin R. Chamberlain
Baddeleyite (ZrO2) and zircon (ZrSiO4) from anorthositic rocks of the Laramie anorthosite complex, WyomIng: Petrologic consequences and U-Pb ages   1317
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John L. Jambor, Jacek Puziewirz, Andrew C. Roberts
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William I. Rose
Review of Mount Pelee, Martinique: A study of an active island arc volcano
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