Deposit Items for Volume 97, No. 07, July 2012

Charles A. Geiger, Edgar Dachs, and Artur Benisek
Thermodynamic behavior and properties of katoite (hydrogrossular): A calorimetric study   1252

Item #AM-12-055
Tables 1–2.
Geiger_p1252_12_Tables.doc Microsoft Word (356 KB)

Eric C. Ferré, Karen J. Michelsen, W. Gary Ernst, John D. Boyd, and Edgardo Canon-Tapia
Vertical zonation of the Barcroft granodiorite, White Mountains, California: Implications for magmatic processes   1049

Item #AM-12-044
Appendix. Field measurements of magnetic susceptibility on the Mount Barcroft pluton.
Ferre_p1049_12.xls Excel (44 KB)

G. Diego Gatta, Garry J. McIntyre, Julia G. Swanson, and Steven D. Jacobsen
Minerals in cement chemistry: A single-crystal neutron diffraction and Raman spectroscopic study of thaumasite, Ca3Si(OH)6(CO3)(SO4)·12H2O   1060

Item #AM-12-058

Table 6 and Crystallographic Information Files zipped files (28 KB)

Jin S. Zhang, Przemyslaw Dera, and Jay D. Bass
A new high-pressure phase transition in natural Fe-bearing orthoenstatite   1070

Item #AM-12-050

Crystallographic Information File
Zhang_p1070_12.CIF cif (28 KB)

Masashi Kogawa, E. Bruce Watson, Rodney C. Ewing, and Satoshi Utsunomiya
Lead in zircon at the atomic scale   1094

Item #AM-12-040

Supplementary Figures.
Kogawa_p1094_12_Suppl.pdf PDF (2.2 MB)

Rose E. Turnbull, Chad D. Deering, Andy J. Tulloch, and Steve D. Weaver
Second boiling effects on the Al-content of hornblende rims from an exhumed Cretaceous arc pluton, Stewart Island, New Zealand   1129

Item #AM-12-045

Supplementary Table.
Turnbull_p1129_12.xls Excel (612 KB)

G. Ben Martin, Mark Ghiorso, and Frank J. Spera
Transport properties and equation of state of 1-bar eutectic melt in the system CaAl2Si2O8-CaMgSi2O6 by molecular dynamics simulation   1155

Item #AM-12-046

Electronic annex-1 (EA-1).
Martin_p1155_12.xls Excel (48 KB)

Matteo Alvaro, Ross J. Angel, and Fernando Cámara
High-pressure behavior of zoisite   1165

Item #AM-12-041

Table 5. Fractional coordinates and displacement parameters obtained with the data from Fe-free crystal
Alvaro_p1165_12_Table5.doc Microsoft Word (120 KB)
Crystallographic Information Files zipped files (60 KB)

Gian Carlo Capitani and Lars Stixrude
A first-principle investigation of antigorite up to 30 GPa: Structural behavior under compression   1177

Item #AM-12-048

Tables 4–9. zipped files (36 KB)

Anthony R. Kampf, Stuart J. Mills, Robert M. Housley, Ralph S. Bottrill, and Uwe Kolitsch
Reynoldsite, Pb2Mn4+2O5(CrO4), a new phyllomanganate-chromate from the Blue Bell claims, California and the Red Lead mine, Tasmania   1187

Item #AM-12-061

Structure factor table
Kampf_p1187_12.doc Microsoft Word (60 KB)
Crystallographic Information File
Kampf_p1187_12_CIF.txttext (28 KB)

Paola Bonazzi, Frank N. Keutsch, and Luca Bindi
Manganoquadratite, AgMnAsS3, a new manganese-bearing sulfosalt from the Uchucchacua polymetallic deposit, Lima Department, Peru: Description and crystal structure   1199

Item #AM-12-047

Table 6 - List of structure factors for manganoquadratite
Bonazzi_p1199_12_Table6.doc Microsoft Word (2.1 MB)
Bonazzi_p1199_12_Table6.txt text (76 KB)
Crystallographic Information File
Bonazzi_p1199_12_CIF.txt text (12 KB)

Günther J. Redhammer, Fabrizio Nestola, and Ronald Miletich
Synthetic LiAlGe2O6: The first pyroxene with P21/n symmetry   1213

Item #AM-12-051

Test for possible twinning
Redhammer_p1213_12_Table.pdf pdf (2.2 MB)
Crystallographic Information Files
Redhammer_p1213_12_cif1.txt text (16 KB)
Redhammer_p1213_12_cif2.txt text (16 KB)
Redhammer_p1213_12_cif3.txt text (16 KB)

Chi Ma, Oliver Tschauner, John R. Beckett, George R. Rossman, and Wenjun Liu
Panguite, (Ti4+,Sc,Al,Mg,Zr,Ca)1.8O3, a new ultra-refractory titania mineral from the Allende meteorite: Synchrotron micro-diffraction and EBSD   1219

Item #AM-12-043, Deposit Tables and CIF.

Ma_p1219_12_Tables.doc Microsoft Word (104 KB)
Crystallographic Information Files
Ma_p1219_12.cif cif (8 KB)

Renat R. Almeev, François Holtz, Jürgen Koepke, and Fleurice Parat
Experimental calibration of the effect of H2O on plagioclase crystallization in basaltic melt at 200 MPa   1234

Item #AM-12-056

Appendix Table
Almeev_p1234_12.xls Microsoft Excel (536 KB)

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