Deposit Items for Volume 97, No. 04, April 2012

Joel D. Grice and Allan Pring
Veatchite: Structural relationships of the three polytypes   489

Item #AM-12-015
Crystallographic Information Files
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Grice_p489_12_CIF2.txt txt (24 KB)
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Anthony R. Kampf, Stuart J. Mills, William B. Simmons, James W. Nizamoff, and Robert W. Whitmore
Falsterite, Ca2MgMn2+2(Fe2+0.5Fe3+0.5)4Zn4(PO4)8(OH)4(H2O)14, a new secondary phosphate mineral from the Palermo No. 1 pegmatite, North Groton, New Hampshire   496

Item #AM-12-027

Crystallographic Information File for falsterite
Kampf_p496_12_CIF.txt txt (24 KB)
Observed and calculated structure factors for falsterite
Kampf_p496_12_Table.doc Microsoft Word (60 KB)

Evgeny V. Galuskin, Frank Gfeller, Valentina B. Savelyeva, Thomas Armbruster, Biljana Lazic, Irina O. Galuskina, Daniel M. Többens, Aleksandr E. Zadov, Piotr Dzierżanowski, Nikolai N. Pertsev, and Viktor M. Gazeev
Pavlovskyite Ca8(SiO4)2(Si3O10): A new mineral of altered silicate-carbonate xenoliths from the two Russian type localities, Birkhin massif, Baikal Lake area and Upper Chegem caldera, North Caucasus   503

Item #AM-12-016

Crystallographic Information Files
Galuskin_p503_12_CIF1.txt txt (28 KB)
Galuskin_p503_12_CIF2.txt txt (28 KB)
Galuskin_p503_12_CIF3.txt txt (2.2 MB)
Galuskin_p503_12_CIF4.txt txt (412 KB)
Table 5. Anisotropic displacement parameters for pavlovskyite, Pbcn setting.
Galuskin_p503_12_Table5.doc Microsoft Word (44 KB)
Table 7. Anisotropic displacement parameters for kilchoanite
Galuskin_p503_12_Table7.doc Microsoft Word (44 KB)
Table 8. Bond distances for pavlovskyite
Galuskin_p503_12_Table8.doc Microsoft Word (56 KB)
Table 9. Bond distances for kilchoanite
Galuskin_p503_12_Table9.doc Microsoft Word (48 KB)
Table 10 (supplementary data). Calculated X-ray powder patterns for pavlovskyite (Debye-Scherrer geometry, black) and Taylor’s data (bold, JCPDS 29-0368, hkl change for Pbcn), all for CuKα 1.540598.
Galuskin_p503_12_Table10.doc Microsoft Word (168 KB)
Table 11 (supplementary data). Observed Raman bands and calculated vibrational mode frequencies and symmetries of pavlovskyite
Galuskin_p503_12_Table11.doc Microsoft Word (388 KB)
Table 12 (supplementary data). Observed Raman bands and calculated vibrational mode frequencies and symmetries of kilchoanite
Galuskin_p503_12_Table12.doc Microsoft Word (128 KB)

Rafael P. Lozano, Carlos Rossi, Ángel La Iglesia, and Emilio Matesanz
Zaccagnaite-3R, a new Zn-Al hydrotalcite polytype from El Soplao cave (Cantabria, Spain)   513

Item #AM-12-023

Crystallographic Information File
Lozano_p513_12.cif text (4 KB)
Zaccagnaite-3R reflection list
Lozano_p513_12.docMicrosoft Word (56 KB)

Kate Saunders, Stefan Rinnen, Jon Blundy, Ralf Dohmen, Stephan Klemme, and Heinrich F. Arlinghaus
TOF-SIMS and electron microprobe investigations of zoned magmatic orthopyroxenes: First results of trace and minor element analysis with implications for diffusion modeling   532

Item #AM-12-019

TOF-SIMS data for orthopyroxene crystals
Saunders_p532_12.xlsx Microsoft Excel (620 KB)

Jennifer A. Chambers and Matthew J. Kohn
Titanium in muscovite, biotite, and hornblende: Modeling, thermometry, and rutile activities of metapelites and amphibolites   543

Item #AM-12-022

Data Table and Appendix
Chambers_p543_12_Supplemental.xls Microsoft Excel (776 KB)
Chambers_p543_12_Appendix.pdf pdf (136 KB)

Yu Ye, David A. Brown, Joseph R. Smyth, Wendy R. Panero, Steven D. Jacobsen, Yun-Yuan Chang, Joshua P. Townsend, Sylvia-Monique Thomas, Erik H. Hauri, Przemyslaw Dera, and Daniel J. Frost
Compressibility and thermal expansion of hydrous ringwoodite with 2.5(3) wt% H2O   573

Item #AM-12-030

19 Crystallographic Information Files cif (160 KB)

Arkadiusz Derkowski, Victor A. Drits, and Douglas K. McCarty
Nature of rehydroxylation in dioctahedral 2:1 layer clay minerals   610

Item #AM-12-025

Supplemental Discussion.
Derkowski_p610_12_Supplement.pdf pdf (140 KB)

Paolo Ballirano and Ferdinando Bosi
Thermal behavior of afghanite, an ABABACAC member of the cancrinite group   630

Item #AM-12-026

Crystallographic Information File
Ballirano_p630_12.cif cif (40 KB)
Table. Dependence of cell parameters and volume from temperature.
Ballirano_p630_12.doc Microsoft Word (32 KB)

Artur Benisek, Herbert Kroll, and Edgar Dachs
The heat capacity of fayalite at high temperatures   657

Item #AM-12-018

Table. Raw CP values measured by DSC
Benisek_p657_12.txt text (8 KB)

Günther J. Redhammer, Anatoly Senyshyn, Gerold Tippelt, Clemens Pietzonka, Werner Treutmann, Georg Roth, and Georg Amthauer
Magnetic and low-temperature structural behavior of clinopyroxene-type FeGeO3: A neutron diffraction, magnetic susceptibility, and 57Fe Mössbauer study   694

Item #AM-12-029

Crystallographic Information Files
Redhammer_p694_12_CIF1.txt txt (40 KB)
Redhammer_p694_12_CIF2.txt txt (40 KB)
Redhammer_p694_12_CIF3.txt txt (40 KB)
Redhammer_p694_12_CIF4.txt txt (32 KB)
Redhammer_p694_12_CIF5.txt txt (32 KB)
Redhammer_p694_12_CIF6.txt txt (32 KB)

Yu Ye, Joseph R. Smyth, and Paul Boni
Crystal structure and thermal expansion of aragonite-group carbonates by single-crystal X-ray diffraction   707

Item #AM-12-020

13 Crystallographic Information Files zip file (48 KB)
Ye_p707_12_Appendix.docMicrosoft Word (160 KB)

Athos Maria Callegari, Massimo Boiocchi, Marco E. Ciriotti, and Corrado Balestra
Coralloite, Mn2+Mn3+2(AsO4)2(OH)2·4H2O, a new mixed valence Mn hydrate arsenate: Crystal structure and relationships with bermanite and whitmoreite mineral groups   727

Item #AM-12-017

Crystallographic Information File
Callegari_p727_12_cif.txt txt (12 KB)
Table 5. Observed and calculated structure factors for coralloite.
Callegari_p727_12_Table5.xls Microsoft Excel (244 KB)

Karla Fejfarová, Jakub Plášil, Hexiong Yang, Jiří Čejka, Michal Dušek, Robert T. Downs, Madison C. Barkley, and Radek Škoda
Revision of the crystal structure and chemical formula of weeksite, K2(UO2)2(Si5O13)·4H2O   750

Item #AM-12-021

Crystallographic Information Files
Fejfarova_p750_12_CIF.txt txt (132 KB)
TABLE SUPPLEMENT. Anisotropic atomic displacement parameters for weeksite (in Å2) (crystal C).
Fejfarova_p750_12_Deposit.doc Microsoft Word (84 KB)

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