Deposit Items for Volume 93, No. 11-12, November-December 2008

Hugues Leroux, Damien Jacob, Julien Stodolna, Keiko Nakamura-Messenger, and Michael E. Zolensky
Igneous Ca-rich pyroxene in comet 81P/Wild 2   1933

Item #AM-08-058

Figure 3: Schematic Mg2Si2O6-CaMgSi2O6 binary phase diagram, adapted from Carlson (1988).
Leroux_p1933_08_Fig3.pdf PDF (48 K)
Figure 4: Time-temperature transformation (TTT) diagram showing the evolution of the (001) lamellae wavelength
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C.K. Shearer, P.V. Burger, C.R. Neal, Z. Sharp, L.E. Borg, L. Spivak-Birndorf, M. Wadhwa, J.J. Papike, J.M. Karner, A.M. Gaffney, J. Shafer, B.P. Weiss, J. Geissman, and V.A. Fernandes
A unique glimpse into asteroidal melting processes in the early solar system from the Graves Nunatak 06128/06129 achondrites   1937

Item #AM-08-059

Appendix. Analytical Methods
Shearer_p1937_08_Append.pdf PDF (68 K)

Jonathan M. Castro, Pierre Beck, Hugh Tuffen, Alexander R.L. Nichols, Donald B. Dingwell, and Michael C. Martin
Timescales of spherulite crystallization in obsidian inferred from water concentration profiles   1816

Item #AM-08-057

Castro_p1816_08_Suppl.xls Microsoft Excel (56 K)

Etienne Médard, Catherine A. McCammon, Jay A. Barr, and Timothy L. Grove
Oxygen fugacity, temperature reproducibility, and H2O contents of nominally anhydrous piston-cylinder experiments using graphite capsules   1838

Item #AM-08-054

Supplement. Data used in the regression
Medard_p1838_08_Suppl.xls Microsoft Excel (24 K)

Eloïse Gaillou, Emmanuel Fritsch, Bertha Aguilar-Reyes, Benjamin Rondeau, Jeffrey Post, Alain Barreau, and Mikhail Ostroumov
ICommon gem opal: An investigation of micro- to nano-structure   1865

Item #AM-08-053

Appendix 1. Analytical data of all common gem opals studied
Gaillou_p1865_08_Append.doc Microsoft Word (356 K)

A.E. Gleason, R. Jeanloz, and M. Kunz
Pressure-temperature stability studies of FeOOH using X-ray diffraction   1882

Item #AM-08-056

TABLE 1. Goethite (α-FeOOH) refined unit cell parameters
TABLE 2. High-pressure ε-FeOOH phase refined unit cell parameters
Gleason_p1882_08_T1-2.doc Microsoft Word (248 K)

P.F. Zanazzi, F. Nestola, S. Nazzareni, and P. Comodi
Pyroxmangite: A high-pressure single-crystal study   1921

Item #AM-08-055

Table 4a. Observed and calculated structure factors for pyroxmangite in air
Table 4b. Observed and calculated structure factors for pyroxmangite in DAC at 12.4 kbar
Table 4c. Observed and calculated structure factors for pyroxmangite in DAC at 35.7 kbar
Zanazzi_p1921_08_T4.txt Text (232 K)

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