Instructions to Authors


GMR is undergoing a transition to become more closely connected with American Mineralogist. Publication of articles will continue as previously (pdf files for text and still images with links to other files containing movies, etc. as appropriate). In addition, abstracts of articles will be published in American Mineralogist with the designation "electronic article". This change was made by the MSA Council with an eye to giving electronic articles more visibility. As part of this change it was decided that articles should be reviewed using the American Mineralogist editors, managing staff, and "Allen Track" submission procedures. Frank Spear and John Brady will be special editors for the electronic aspects of the publication. They will advise and assist authors with technical details and help make sure that all electronic components are properly in place.

Preparation of manuscript

Authors should consult the American Mineralogist for instructions regarding preparation of the text.

Authors should consult the electronic format instructions page regarding the preparation of figures and other electronic content. The editors encourage innovative and creative design of figures including abundant use of color, animations, quicktime movies, and interactive features. As with paper journals, figures are designed to convey information and will be judged accordingly. Color can and should be used liberally.

Submission of manuscript

Manuscripts should be submitted to American Mineralogist using the Allen Track, web-based submission procedures. Authors should note in their letter of submission that they wish the manuscript to be published as an electronic article.

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