American Mineralogist - May-June 2014 Data

Huifang Xu, Zhizhang Shen, Hiromi Konishi, Pingqiu Fu and Izabela Szlufarska
Crystal structures of laihunite and intermediate phases between laihunite-1M and fayalite: Z-contrast imaging and ab initio study   881
Item #AM-14-509

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Gianluca Iezzi, Silvio Mollo, Edisa Shahini, Andrea Cavallo and Piergiorgio Scarlato
The cooling kinetics of plagioclase feldspar as revealed by electron-microprobe mapping   898
Item #AM-14-513

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Matteo Alvaro, Fabrizio Nestola, Nancy Ross, M. Chiara Domeneghetti and Leonid Reznitsky
High-pressure behavior of thiospinel CuCr2S4   908
Item #AM-14-516

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M. Darby Dyar, Erica R. Jawin, Elly Breves, Gerard Marchand, Melissa Nelms, Melissa D. Lane, Stanley A. Mertzman, David L. Bish and Janice L. Bishop
Mössbauer parameters of iron in phosphate minerals: Implications for interpretation of martian data   914
Item #AM-14-517

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Thomas M. McCollom, Bethany L. Ehlmann, Alian Wang, Brian M. Hynek, Bruce Moskowitz and Thelma S. Berquó
Detection of iron substitution in natroalunite-natrojarosite solid solutions and potential implications for Mars   948
Item #AM-14-501

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Irina O. Galuskina, Yevgeny Vapnik, Biljana Lazic, Thomas Armbruster, Mikhail Murashko and Evgeny V. Galuskin
Harmunite CaFe2O4: A new mineral from the Jabel Harmun, West Bank, Palestinian Autonomy, Israel   965
Item #AM-14-506

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Rosario Esposito, Jerry Hunter, James D. Schiffbauer, Nobumichi Shimizu and Robert J. Bodnar
An assessment of the reliability of melt inclusions as recorders of the pre-eruptive volatile content of magmas   976
Item #AM-14-508

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William D. Carlson, Julian D. Gale and Kate Wright
Incorporation of Y and REEs in aluminosilicate garnet: Energetics from atomistic simulation   1022
Item #AM-14-503

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Akane Miyoshi, Tetsu Kogiso, Naoto Ishikawa and Kenji Mibe
Role of silica for the progress of serpentinization reactions: Constraints from successive changes in mineralogical textures of serpentinites from Iwanaidake ultramafic body, Japan   1035
Item #AM-14-514

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Anthony R. Kampf, John M. Hughes, Barbara P. Nash, Stephen E. Wright, George R. Rossman and Joe Marty
Ophirite, Ca2Mg4[Zn2Mn23+(H2O)2(Fe3+W9O34)2]·46H2O, a new mineral with a heteropolytungstate tri-lacunary Keggin anion   1045
Item #AM-14-502

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Adrian Fiege, François Holtz and Sarah B. Cichy
Bubble formation during decompression of andesitic melts   1052
Item #AM-14-507

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A.V. Radha and Alexandra Navrotsky
Manganese carbonate formation from amorphous and nanocrystalline precursors: Thermodynamics and geochemical relevance   1063
Item #AM-14-512

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Nicolas Jacquemet, Damien Guillaume, Antoine Zwick and Gleb S. Pokrovski
In situ Raman spectroscopy identification of the S3– ion in S-rich hydrothermal fluids from synthetic fluid inclusions   1109
Item #AM-14-505

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Gregor Markl, Michael A.W. Marks, Johannes Holzäpfel and Thomas Wenzel
Major, minor, and trace element composition of pyromorphite-group minerals as recorder of supergene weathering processes from the Schwarzwald mining district, SW Germany   1133
Item #AM-14-518

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Mauro Prencipe, Marco Bruno, Fabrizio Nestola, Marco De La Pierre and Paolo Nimis
Toward an accurate ab initio estimation of compressibility and thermal expansion of diamond in the [0, 3000 K] temperature and [0, 30 GPa] pressures ranges, at the hybrid HF/DFT theoretical level   1147
Item #AM-14-510

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Ferdinando Bosi, Leonid Reznitskii, Henrik Skogby and Ulf Hålenius
Vanadio-oxy-chromium-dravite, NaV3(Cr4Mg2)(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3O, a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup   1155
Item #AM-14-504

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Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Joël Brugger, Nigel J. Cook, Stuart J. Mills, Peter Elliott, Gheorghe Damian and Floarea Damian
Graţianite, MnBi2S4, a new mineral from the Bǎiţa Bihor skarn, Romania   1163
Item #AM-14-515

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