Deposit Items for Volume 95, No. 0809, August-September 2010

Florian Wetzel, Axel K. Schmitt, Andreas Kronz, and Gerhard Wörner
In situ 238U-230Th disequilibrium dating of pyrochlore at sub-millennial precision   1353

Item #AM-10-037

Figure 1 Backscattered electron (BSE) images of selected pyrochlore crystals and Table 1 Major element compositions (oxides in wt%) of pyrochlores.
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Lindsay C. Shuller, Rodney C. Ewing, and Udo Becker
Quantum-mechanical evaluation of Np-incorporation into studtite   1151

Item #AM-10-040

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Irina O. Galuskina, Evgeny V. Galuskin, Thomas Armbruster, Biljana Lazic, Joachim Kusz, Piotr Dzierżanowski, Viktor M. Gazeev, Nikolai N. Pertsev, Krystian Prusik, Aleksandr E. Zadov, Antoni Winiarski, Roman Wrzalik, and Anatoly G. Gurbanov
Elbrusite-(Zr)—A new uranian garnet from the Upper Chegem caldera, Kabardino-Balkaria, Northern Caucasus, Russia   1172

Item #AM-10-034

Table 1. Rare and new minerals associated with elbrusite-(Zr) and 3–6 (EDS analyses and mineral assemblage data).
Galuskina_p1172_10_T1.doc Microsoft Word File (28 KB)
Table 3. Crystallographic data of kimzeyite
Galuskina_p1172_10_Tables3-6.pdf pdf (64 KB)
Figure 4. Calculated x-ray Diffraction Pattern and Rietveld Refinement
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Raffaele Sassi, Maria Franca Brigatti, Maria Teresa Gomez-Pugnaire, Luca Peruzzo, Fabrizio Tellini, and Francesco P. Sassi
What drives the distribution in nature of 3T vs. 2M1 polytype in muscovites and phengites? A general assessment based on new data from metamorphic and igneous granitoid rocks   1182

Item #AM-10-035

MasterTable. EMP data of all phengites utilized in this paper.
Sassi_p1182_10_MasterTable.pdf pdf (32 KB)
Table A1. Selected representative electron microprobe data of muscovite in the considered Kfs bearing gneisses.
Table A2. Selected representative electron microprobe data of muscovite in the considered peraluminous igneous granitoids.
Sassi_p1182_10_Tables.pdf pdf (72 KB)
Figure 5. XRPD diagram of a phengite
Sassi_p1182_10_Fig5.pdf pdf (168 KB)

Jakob Frommer, Maarten Nachtegaal, Izabela Czekaj, and Ruben Kretzschmar
The Cr X-ray absorption K-edge structure of poorly crystalline Fe(III)-Cr(III)-oxyhydroxides   1202

Item #AM-10-036

Appendices 1–6 (including Supplementary Figures 1–9 and Supplementary Tables 1–3).
Frommer_p1202_10_Suppl.pdf pdf (236 KB)

Mariko Nagashima and Masahide Akasaka
X-ray Rietveld and 57Fe Mössbauer studies of epidote and piemontite on the join Ca2Al2Fe3+Si3O12(OH)–Ca2Al2Mn3+Si3O12(OH) formed by hydrothermal synthesis   1237

Item #AM-10-039

Table 4. Refined atomic positions, Table 5. Interatomic distances (Å), Table 6. Selected interatomic angles (º)
Nagashima_p1237_10_Tables.doc Microsoft Word (292 KB)

A. Fernandez-Martinez, V. Timon, G. Roman-Ross, G.J. Cuello, J.E. Daniels, and C. Ayora
The structure of schwertmannite, a nanocrystalline iron oxyhydroxysulfate   1312

Item #AM-10-041

PDF-fitted structures of the octahedral framework of schwertmannite
Schwertmannite_1.txt text (8 KB)
Schwertmannite_2.txt text (8 KB)

Anthony R. Kampf, Robert M. Housley, Stuart J. Mills, Joseph Marty, and Brent Thorne
Lead-tellurium oxysalts from Otto Mountain near Baker, California: I. Ottoite, Pb2TeO5, a new mineral with chains of tellurate octahedra   1329

Item #AM-10-042

Observed and calculated structure factors for ottoite and CIF.
Kampf_p1329_10_Table.doc Microsoft Word (44 KB)
ottoite.cif Crystallographic Information Files (20 KB)

Anthony R. Kampf, Joseph Marty, and Brent Thorne
Lead-tellurium oxysalts from Otto Mountain near Baker, California: II. Housleyite, Pb6CuTe4O18(OH)2, a new mineral with Cu-Te octahedral sheets   1337

Item #AM-10-043

Observed and calculated structure factors for housleyite and CIF
Kampf_p1337_10_Table.doc Microsoft Word (84 KB)
housleyite.cif Crystallographic Information Files (20 KB)

Christoph Lenting, Thorsten Geisler, Axel Gerdes, Ellen Kooijman, Erik E. Scherer, and Armin Zeh
The behavior of the Hf isotope system in radiation-damaged zircon during experimental hydrothermal alteration   1343

Item #AM-10-038

Lenting_p1343_10_Suppl.pdf pdf (444 KB)

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