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Volume 54: Biomineralization

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Volume 54: Biomineralization
Patricia M. Dove, James J. De Yoreo, and Steve Weiner, editors

2003 i-xiv + 381 pages. ISBN 0-939950-66-9; ISBN13 978-0-939950-66-9

Since the dawn of life on earth, organisms have played roles in mineral formation in processes broadly known as biomineralization. This biologically-mediated organization of aqueous ions into amorphous and crystalline materials results in materials that are as simple as adventitious precipitates or as complex as exquisitely fabricated structures that meet specialized functionalities. The purpose of this volume of Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry is to provide students and professionals in the earth sciences with a review that focuses upon the various processes by which organisms direct the formation of minerals. Our framework of examining biominerals from the viewpoints of major mineralization strategies distinguishes this volume from most previous reviews. The review begins by introducing the reader to over-arching principles that are needed to investigate biomineralization phenomena and shows the current state of knowledge regarding the major approaches to mineralization that organisms have developed over the course of Earth history. By exploring the complexities that underlie the "synthesis" of biogenic materials, and therefore the basis for how compositions and structures of biominerals are mediated (or not), we believe this volume will be instrumental in propelling studies of biomineralization to a new level of research questions that are grounded in an understanding of the underlying biological phenomena.

Patricia M. Dove
Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

James J. De Yoreo
Livermore, California, USA

Steve Weiner
Rehovot, Israel

September, 2003

Contents of Volume 54

Title Page
p. i

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p. iii - iv

Foreword, Preface & Acknowledgments
p. v - vi

Table of Contents
p. vii - xiv

Chapter 1. An Overview of Biomineralization Processes and the Problem of the Vital Effect
by Steve Weiner and Patricia M. Dove, p. 1 - 30

Chapter 2. Principles of Molecular Biology and Biomacromolecular Chemistry
by John S. Evans, p. 31 - 56

Chapter 3. Principles of Crystal Nucleation and Growth
by James J. De Yoreo and Peter G. Vekilov, p. 57 - 94

Chapter 4. Biologically Induced Mineralization by Bacteria
by Richard B. Frankel and Dennis A. Bazylinskn, p. 95 - 114

Chapter 5. The Source of Ions for Biomineralization in Foraminifera and Their Implications for Paleoceanographic Proxies
by Jonathan Erez, p. 115 - 150

Chapter 6. Geochemical Perspectives on Coral Mineralization
by Anne L. Cohen and Ted A. McConnaughey, p. 151 - 188

Chapter 7. Biomineralization Within Vesicles: The Calcite of Coccoliths
by Jeremy R. Young and Karen Henriksen, p. 189 - 216

Chapter 8. Biologically Controlled Mineralization in Prokaryotes
by Dennis A. Bazylinski and Richard B. Frankel, p. 217 - 248

Chapter 9. Mineralization in Organic Matrix Frameworks
by Arthur Veis, p. 249 - 290

Chapter 10. Silicification: The Processes by Which Organisms Capture and Mineralize Silica
by Carole C. Perry, p. 291 - 328

Chapter 11. Biomineralization and Evolutionary History
by Andrew H Knoll, p. 329 - 356

Chapter 12. Biomineralization and Global Biogeochemical Cycles
by Philippe Van Cappellen, p. 357 -381

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