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Volume 24: Modern Methods of Igneous Petrolgy: Understanding Magmatic Processes

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Front Cover of Reviews in Mineralogy vol 24

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Volume 24: Modern Methods of Igneous Petrolgy: Understanding Magmatic Processes
J. Nicholls & J. K. Russell, editors

1990, i-viii + 314 pages. ISBN 0-939950-29-4; ISBN13 978-0-939950-29-4

The Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) sponsored a short course by this title December 1990 at the Cathedral Hill Hotel in San Francisco, California. It was organized by the editors, Jim Nicholls and Kelly Russell, and presented by the authors of this volume to about 80 participants in conjunction with the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Igneous petrology, in its broadest applications, treats the transfer of matter and energy from planetary interiors to their exteriors. Over the past several decades igneous petrology has gained sophistication in three areas that deal with such transfers: the properties of silicate melts and solids can be estimated as functions of pressure, temperature and composition; some results of experimental and theoretical studies of the physics of multiphase flow are available; and many of the algorithms for realistically modeling magmatic processes are in place. Each of these fields of study, to some extent, have to be pursued independently. In our opinion, now is an ideal time to collect some features of these studies as preparation for more integrated future work and to show some consequences of applying current ideas to the study of igneous processes. We have attempted to bring together the basic data and fundamental theoretical constraints on magmatic processes with applications to specific problems in igneous petrology.

James Nicholls, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
J. Kelly Russell, Vancouver, Britsh Columbia, Canada
October, 1990

Contents of Volume 24

Title Page
p. i

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Foreword & Preface
p. iii

Table of Contents
p. iv - viii

Chapter 1. Principles of Thermodynamic Modeling of Igneous Processes
by James Nicholls, p. 1 - 24

Chapter 2. Thermodynamic Properties of Silicate Liquids with Emphasis on Density, Thermal Expansion and Compressibility
by Rebecca L. Lange and Ian S. E. Carmichael, p. 25 - 64

Chapter 3. Simulation of Igneous Differentiation Processes
by Roger L. Nielsen, p. 65 - 106

Chapter 4. The Mathematics of Fluid Flow and a Simple Application to Problems of Magma Transport
by James Nicholls, p. 107 - 124

Chapter 5. Physical Processes in the Evolution of Magmas
by Stephen Tait and Claude Jaupart, p. 125 - 152

Chapter 6. Magma Mixing Processes: Insights and Constraints from Thermodynamic Calculations
by J. Kelly Russell, p. 153 - 190

Chapter 7. Controls on Oxidation-Reduction Relations in Magmas
by Ian S. E. Carmichael and Mark S. Ghiorso, p. 191 - 212

Chapter 8. Dynamics of Eruptive Phenomena
by Claude Jaupart and Stephen Tait, p. 213 - 238

Chapter 9. Melt Fraction Diagrams: The Link between Chemical and Transport Models
by George Bergantz, p. 239 - 258

Chapter 10. Textural Constraints on the Kinetics of Crystallization of Igneous Rocks
by Katherine V. Cashman, p. 259 - 314

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