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Volume 6: Marine Minerals

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Volume 6: Marine Minerals
Roger G. Burns, editor

1979, i-x + 380 pages. ISBN 0-939950-06-5; ISBN13 978-0-939950-06-5

This volume was originated from notes prepared for a short course on Marine Minerals held in La Jolla, California, November 2-3, 1979. Sponsored by the Mineralogical Society of America, the short course was organized by the following individuals who served as lecturers and authors: Roger G. Burns, Virginia Mee Burns, Thomas M. Church, Robert A. Gulbrandson, John C. Hathaway William T. Holser, Miriam Kastner, Frank T. Manheim, abd James W. Murray,

With the increased activity in marine geochemical research resulting from studies of dissolved constituents and particulate matter in seawater, diagenetic reactions in underlying sediments, submarine volcanism at spreading centers, and interactions of seawater with igneous rocks, it is timely to review the properties of some of the major mineral constituents found on the seafloor or extracted from seawater. Chapters in this volume, therefore, are devoted to marine manganese oxide, iron oxide, silica polymorphs, zeolite, clay, phosphorite, barite, evaporite, and placer minerals. Carbonates are not included; coverage of this important mineral group warrants a separate monograph. The extremely interesting sulfide and hydrothermal mineral assemblages recently discovered at oceanic spreading centers are also not discussed here.

Marine Minerals was first published in 1979 as Volume 6 of the series entitled Short course. In 1980 the Mineralogical Society of America changed the name of the series to Reviews in Mineralogy, and for that reason this, the second printing of Marine Minerals has been reissued under the new banner. Only minor corrections have been made.

Roger G. Burns, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
November 1979

Contents of Volume 6 (Reviews in Mineralogy edition)

Title Page
p. i

p. ii

Foreword, Preface & Acknowledgements
p. iii

Table of Contents
p. iv - x

Chapter 1. Manganese Oxides
by Roger G. Burns and Virginia Mee Burns, p. 1 - 46

Chapter 2. Iron Oxides
by James W. Murray, p. 47 - 98

Chapter 3. Silica Polymorphs
by Miriam Kastner, p. 99 - 110

Chapter 4. Zeolites
by Miriam Kastner, p. 111 - 122

Chapter 5. Clay Minerals
by John C. Hathaway, p. 123 - 150

Chapter 6. Marine Phosphorites
by Frank T. Manheim and Robert A. Gulbrandsen, p. 151 - 174

Chapter 7. Marine Barite
by Thomas M. Church, p. 175 - 210

Chapter 8. Mineralogy of Evaporites
by William T. Holser, p. 211 - 294

Chapter 9. Trace Elements and Isotopes in Evaporites
by William T. Holser, p, 295 - 346

Chapter 10. Marine Placer Minerals
by Virginia Mee Burns, p. 347 - 380

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